Your Best Leans!

Discussion in 'Pictures' started by 1ce, Jun 27, 2006.

  1. Recently, I took some pixs of us up at bogus hitting some corners. I just thot i'd post up some of my best leans that i've gotten so far. Along with a couple pixs of Cider and Durka Turka. Dont know whether or not its their best lean caught on camera but here they are...

    Post up your pixs to compare...

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    Good looking pictures there. I'd like to be involved in some action shots on Bogus Basin Rd sometime if you don't mind. I'm riding it as much as possible right now to get used to the road again so that I don't suck like I did Friday night.

    I think my avatar is a good lean angle picture but there's also this one that is my favorite so far.

    The second one shows a bit of lean while I'm looking over to find out just how bad I cut inside on that lady.
  3. Hey 1ce, nice pictures--thanks for taking and posting them. I was watching you and I think you might have been even lower than the pictures indicate.

    Here's a picture of me on my other Monster. ::)

    (I wish)
  4. Nice pics Ice, hope to ride with you again soon
  5. Thanks, I'm still playin with putting my knee down, but I don't have any gear for my legs, so im not able to get into it. Soon tho, hopfully.

    Cider, thats kool that i maybe getting lower than the pixs, I'm waiting for my one of my buddys to get his high quality video camera, so that I can tell in real time what my turns are like and how to improve.
  6. I had to bump your karma for going through the trouble of taking and posting pictures.
  7. Much apreciated, and if u want more pixs or want them full size, just ask and i'll email them to ya.
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    1ce, your pictures just made the homepage.... (or click "Home" in the top menu) check it out and tell me what you think.
  9. Much better homepage! Curious to know why u didnt add yourself in there tho?
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    The pictures you posted the other day were pretty good and turned out well. I had no need to post one of myself. Besides, isn't it cooler to have you guys on the homepage?
  11. True but thats one of the benefits of being the admin to the site, you get to do what ever you want, like having your own pixs in there. Im not arguing just say...
    Im planning on getting aerial shots of some buddys riding up to bogus, hopfully on video, around the beginning of August sometime. It'd be awesome if we got the whole group together or just as many riders as we can all to head up bogus or some where with some nice turns. Then to have me fly over and get some footage. So think about getting a day in August thats good for everone. And lets see what we can work out.
  12. That's a client of mine. She is my Burton Snowboard rep.
  13. A friend and I were going to ride to Lowman this afternoon, but we ended up hanging out on Bogus road all afternoon. I'm a terrible the world's worst photographer, but here's a couple of shots:
  14. Those are some decent pixs. I think the camera in "action" mode would have made it less blurry.

    I know this pix doesn't have anything to do with leans but I was out practicing some wheelies today (b4 the rain hit) and got some pixs/videos. Anyways this was one of the best wheelies that i got today.
  15. Here is some from back in the Moroso Motorsports Park, West Palm Beach, Florida...COME ON WAR EAGLE!!! That might break me out of retirement yet!!!
  16. Those are some nice pixs! Expectually with the knee slidding
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    Looking VERY good, man!

    Welcome to the site by the way.
  18. who knows, if War Eagle becomes a reality, maybe I could come out of retirement and make more pictures. I would even have time to raise two cows to make a new set of leathers...
  19. Snydley Whiplash!!!

    Those pic's are about 80 pounds ago! :neener: