WTF is up with this chain,

Discussion in 'Mechanical & Technical' started by Proeve, Jun 5, 2006.

  1. my chain has gotten really lose, do they strech out that fast? I mean there is only 700 miles on it and there is about 2in of play.. some one is going to have to show me how to tighten it up the keeping it inline,,
  2. its hard to say without looking at it, I have not had to tighten mine yet at 4000, just make sure it stays clean and lubed

  3. No, it probably shouldn't stretch that much. It is possible for the adjustment to slip if it isn't tightened correctly, though. You can use a long straightedge referenced against the rear sprocket to line everything up.
  4. well I stongly feel that I need some one to look at it and ride my bike, I hear a sound that I do not like also. if I was in my truck and heard it I would think I have a rod knocking.. but the notches look ok it just feels really lose.

    maybe this weekend if no one is to busy...
  5. yeah just bring it by this weekend
  6. sure thing, ill get in touch with ya before hand,,

    Oh I am just post whoring :dblthumb:

    Pro runs for the door.
  7. bring it out to fiddler we will check it out.