WTF Damn thunderstorms

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  1. So the BBQ is over the dishes are done,
    I am free to go and have some fun.
    What's this I see dark clouds in the sky?
    It's time to go, I already ate my pie.

    Donner and Blitz, thunder and lightning,
    Riding in this would be kinda frightening.
    My gear put away, my motivation gone
    I guess I'll sit here and pull on this b........eer ::)
  2. This is kinda sucky. Last month I did almost 800 miles in one day coming back from Cali in this exact kind of weather. Out by Burns Oregon my riding buddy and I decided that it would be better to get busted than get struck by lighting so there was a stretch where we were cruising over 100Mph in the rain for about 60 miles or so. It was fun as hell and we just missed the lighting. Ever been out that way? There's nothing out there cept for coppers.


  3. Ya I hate that area!!! Last year I was working in Bend, OR and commuting back and forth every week. Couldn't go very fast since there was a cop behind every damn hill. That and at that time they were working on the bridges so you had to stop at all of them. You could see for miles past them and no cars wre coming but the tlittle cameras on top made ya think twice about blowing them. :cussing
  4. Yea and WTF are they doing out there. I think they take their porn out there that's what I think. :police:

  5. You know you're probably right. can't really say I blame them on that one though, honestly, what else is there to do out there besides count the tumbleweeds blowin' by? :dunno:
  6. hopefully they aren't using the radar on there wieners
  7. I hate to ask, but how could you radar your weiner?
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    You've obviously never seen the movie "Super Troopers" and you desperately need to in order to understand the joke.