Workin tonight for sure!

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  1. I spent the whole weekend playing golf and got nothing done on the bike. I am definently gonna get to it tonight around six though so anyone feeling handy or just bored is welcome, for those of you who havent been here its 8530 W. Orbit, which is the 2nd right off of Maple Grove. Much work to be done.
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    I can change your tires tonight to get you moving.
    I did Dane's back tire last week without even a nick on the wheel.
    I'm charging $10 per tire to help pay for the tools I had to buy.


  3. I would appreciate that I could use your help with figuring out this exhaust as well. I need to bleed brakes and put the new chain on too. Do you have a front stand and a way to cut old chain? Clayton is busy agian wierd huh??
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    I do have front and rear stands and a dremel to cut the old chain off.
  5. is it Orbit DR or just Orbit? is it the one off of lake hazel rd?
  6. Orbit Dr. ya its between maple grove and cole off lake hazel
  7. I have the rear but no front for changing the front tire
  8. I was going to come out and help.. but I guess my wife had other plains for me tonight maybe next time..
  9. Just as well we hit another stumbling block I have to go get another exhaust clamp tommorrow to pair my Micron headers to the Hotbodies exhaust, But thanks to Hozer and Agr8t progress was made. Thanks guuys!!! :dblthumb:
  10. We want to continue this tonight?

    I gotta help a friend with an oil change and stuff, then need to do my brakes (I'll probably get a mityvac tonight to make it easier). I am up for helping with whatever.
  11. I have to make it to cyclegear tonight to get the axle nut I need and then by the grace of god find an exhaust clamp in this town that is about the same size as my original factory one that I havent seen in three years to go forward tonight. I also need to track down some heat shielding.
  12. So no one seems to have the 24mm axle wrench I need or the 2 1/4" exhaust clamp. Cycle gear is out of stock on the universal axle wrench S River only has a 22mm and a 2 1/8'" wiidest clamp, and Im sure this will come as a shock I spent all afternoon trying to get an answere from Carls, only to talk to their answereing service!!! How do they stay in businesss!!
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    I might have a 24mm axel socket. It doesn't say how big it is but it fits my 99 Gixxer and the 06 Gixxer too. You are more than welcome to try it.
  14. awesome!!! Maybe we can get together tommorrow sometime so I can borrow that. I am still gonna buy one of the universals as soon as cycle gear gets them back in but I would appreciate the loan. I should be free most of the afternoon tommorrow.
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    While you were laying around in bed, I mounted your back tire and dropped off it as well as a dremel, chain breaker, and chain vise for putting a clip on (though a rivet would be best).
  16. Shaner sleepy..... so dont poke the bear damnit
  17. I bought some large sockets and hex sockets for my bike at Autozone. They had sizes that even Sears didn't have (locally, at least).
  18. (pro looks for a long poking stick, and a fast way out the house) ::)
  19. good to know thank you :dblthumb: