winter ride anyone?

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  1. Me and a couple friends were going to cruze around Boise this Sunday afternoon just seeing if anyone was interested. Meet up at kicks 66 in nampa off garrety at 1pm. Supposed to rain but depending on how sever will determine where ride will go. Any questions let me know. Marry Christmas everyone :wheelie:
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  2. Ok sounds good on the bright side its supposed to be in the 50s tomorrow afternoon.
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    Ya a few of us will be riding tomorrow. Well kind of. We will be riding our snowboards down Bogus.
  4. I don't mind riding in the rain. I rode yesterday in a pretty hard downpour. Takes an extra 3 minutes to put on my rain gear. But I won't ride in the rain unless I have a good reason to do so. I ran out of toilet paper, so a trip to Fred Meyer was warranted.
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  6. Well this sucked last night. Rode up to Eagle last night in the rain to visit my sister and by the time I was leaving, I came out to a very snowy bike. Had to park it in their garage and get a ride home. We will see if I have any luck getting my bike out of their neighborhood tonight, doesn't get much traffic since there are only two houses on the street so the roads still might be too icy.


  7. That sucks. When I was working in Boise I rode my old Goldwing to work. When I got off that evening it had snowed 4 inches! I live in Nampa and had to take I-84 back home. The interstate was nothing but slush. But luckily, the roads hadn't frozen over. I think that was the scariest 30 minutes of my life. Glad you had a ride home. It's definitely not worth the risk.
  8. Yeah, I had a similar experience with the same amount of snow on the ground. But I only had to ride about 5 miles. But it was the most challenging ride I have ever taken. Couldn't make left hand turns or lane changes because I had to stay within the tire tracks where there was still some pavement. I was more like a train. Won't do that again now that I have done it.
  9. Vegas are you still riding in those challenging conditions?
  10. Yeah, not as much though. The pavement out of my complex is still packed with snow and ice. Fortunately there is a route that I can use by riding along the garages that leads me to a sidewalk where it has been cleared to get me out onto the street. A lot of the streets still has snow and ice accumulated between the lanes so I just have to maintain a big following distance so that I can decide which track to take. Heated gear in full use.

    However, I will not ride when it gets dark, it's too difficult to spot the ice.