Winter Bike Storage?

Discussion in 'Mechanical & Technical' started by v-star52, Sep 15, 2006.

  1. Anyone know of a good place to store a bike over the winter? I'm in an apartment and lack a garage... so i was just wondering.
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    A lot of people rent storage units for storing their bikes. It doesn't necessarily get your bike completely out of the cold if you put a cover over it, it helps to keep it clean and out of harms way. If possible, put the bike on front and rear stands to get the tires off the ground. If a bike sits on the tires in the same spot for a long time, it can cause flat spots in the tires.

  3. Get some buddies that you trust and go in on a storage unit, OR find a buddy you trust WITH a garage, and put it in theirs.
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    Good idea on getting together with some other guys and renting a storage unit. I used to have one that was $150 a month, but it would have held about 30 bikes!

    My two bikes are crammed into our garage. Otherwise, I would offer to let you park there. But then again, you couldn't trust me to not take it for a spin...(or sell it on eBay :rofl:)
  5. Right on, thanks for the ideas fellas. Does freezing weather hurt a bike at all? Or are people just anal and like to keep their bikes room tempurature?
  6. it is probably worse for the battery so some just put them on battery tenders for the winter, I just make sure to start mine at least once a week and let it run for a decent amount of time,
  7. So do you guys recommend draining fluids out of the bike before storing? I've heard both ways. ?? ???
  8. Im with Hose, I keep mine in the grauge and just start it and start it at least once a week and if weather permits still ride.
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    You definately don't want to drain the fluids before storage. You actually want everything to be clean and full.

    *Gas: Completely fill the tank and add some fuel stabilizer.
    - this prevents oxidation and rust inside of the tank.
    *Oil: A fresh change right before storage. Fill it about a half quart above full.
    - a fresh change gets rid of the buildup in your oil that can cause pitting of the bearings.
    *Anti-Freeze: A fresh change (you're supposed to do it yearly so this is the perfect time for it) and make sure you've got at least a 50/50 ratio of anti-freeze to water. It gets cold enough here that you don't want to go with less anti-freeze.
    - I run water with water wetter during the summer because it increases the cooling properties of water (anti-freeze actually decreases the cooling properties) and is allowed on the track. You've DEFINATELY got to change to anti-freeze if you do this.
    *Blinker Fluid: a fresh change will keep the electrical system from corroding over the winter ;D

    Remember to put your bike on stands (if you've got them) to prevent flat spots and dry rot of the rubber on your tires. If you don't have stands, putting the tires on wood is better than concrete.
  10. huh.. never though of this one.. going to have to have my dealer look at it.. this would stump them :rofl:...
  11. I heard the muffler bearing needed to be changed out bi annaly is this true?
  12. Since everyone is throwing in their little tips/tricks/secrets... don't forget to change out the frame oil occasionally also. Keeps the squeeks to a minimal
  13. Don't forget to jack the driveshaft and lubricate the thrust bearings... :dunno: :withstupid: :stooges:
  14. would a carpeted garage be good enough to prevent Flat spots? (since we are on the topic)
  15. I know they make wheel chaucks for cars specifically for long storage periods at like 20-30 dollars. they most likely can be used for a bike.
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    Technically, when you're changing the oil on a Buell, you're changing the swingarm oil. Think on that one.
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    If you're riding a shafty, yes. ;D
  18. Well my bro just had a spot open up in his storage unit, so i think i'm going to be parking my bike there for a little while. Hopefully get out there every once and awhile and start her up. But with enough notice and i can still get her out in time for a ride if the weather permits.
  19. I would put it on stands if you have them, then just start it up every week or so. But I think the stands would be the most important thing for that.
  20. Stands are a good idea, especially since you have new tires. Flat spots on new tires would pretty much suck.