Who's guilty? Its time to confess!

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  1. I spend way to much money on my bikes. Wheels,paint,powdercoat,pipes,guards,jet kits,dampner,Corbin,some bling here, some blang there - it never ends for me. When i sit down and add it all up (very bad idea) i think to myself - damn, i could have had alot newer bike for the coin i've spent, it wouldn't have been personalized the way i like it, but it would have been newer nonetheless. If i bought a new bike......whoa, what money pit that would be! You don't have as many aftrmarket options owning an f3 vs. a newer bike, i guess thats my saving grace. Example - I'm just gonna powder the wheels, next thing i know i'm rippin' the swingarm off (there goes the bearings)..........now i'm eyeballin' the fork stubs (they gotta match!)and thinkin to myself " it could use a fork service, the bike is nine years old" (my justification for the powder...........did i just trick myself?...........damn it!!). I think i need a straight jacket or maybe someone could just hide my bank card for me! Anyone else guilty?? Be honest!! I know i can't be the only one!!
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    I can't officially confess just in case my wife actually reads this some time.

    So far, I started out with a moderately priced F4i and so far, I've done a 600RR swingarm conversion (powder coated of course), stainless steel brake lines, Pazzo Racing levers, frame sliders, bar ends, power commander, etc.
    I've also got a mesh jacket, textile jacket, two piece leather racing suit, casual riding boots, race boots, race gloves, around town gloves, helmet (soon to be two), etc.

    I can't leave ANYTHING stock so I'd also be screwed if I bought a new bike.

  3. I knew it! Only a two wheel junky would build a site like this!
  4. Well, .....

    I want to mod,...But lack of funds keeps me on the sane side of it

    (although I am gonna do the GSXR shock and new springs this year,....shhhhhh)
  5. dont forget the 100rr parts on that thing
  6. I think it also has to do with what you really intend to use the bike for, if you are all about bling then why buy a new bike if you are looking for speed I would go with a new or almost new bike because it will be faster, it sounds like the stuff you have done and want to do can also be done on a new bike, I have an 05 and I know I have plent of options for it to make it mine. Also you have to look at will it increas the resale value, at least that makes a good justification
  7. We are all guilty in our own way :devil: It seams some of us can't leave things alone others like me are to competative to give a brother the edge. :finger: so i wait to here from him that which he wants to improve and me with my endless poker winnings ::) ; go out and buy something first. :neener: Any way i am thinking about this topic alot right now. i will get a new bike next year if i decide that it is wrong to spend too much money on one bike. or i will stick with this one and make it prettier. That's right i just said prettier so what. As i see that is the choice newest and biggest for performance. Old and sweet for the pretty boys. :hail:
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    1000RR for next year then?

    I'd LOVE to have one of those bikes but I lack the funding as well as the skill to really use it. I can keep the F4i for a few years and learn to really ride. If I want to be a bit quicker next year, I'll change sprockets. Right now, I've got RPMs left but can't go any faster because the bike just doesn't have enough power. A sprocket change will let me accelerate more and go faster. The theoritical maximum top speed (top RPM * 6th gear ratio * sprocket ratio) will be lower but what good is a theoretical top speed that I'll never get to?
  9. I will wait and see what the changes will be for the 600RR next year and then decide if I want the new one or wait a couple more years and get the 1000RR.
  10. did you say thousand rr XZander....Good idea. 1000rr huh :devil: :finger:
    My shopping list is complete...
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    Dude, I called 1000rr as your next bike first!
  12. That was a quick response. FREAKIE
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    Its all in the wrist.
  14. Yeah but i dont think I will tell you when Im getting it I will just come home with it one day,
  15. By the time i hit the road this year my bike is going to being a rolling advertisement for everything that is aftermarket :dblthumb: