Where to get tire changed?

Discussion in 'Mechanical & Technical' started by gwar17, Jun 4, 2006.

  1. I live in kuna. I need to get a tire mounted and put on my bike. I don't really wanna go to carls or some other dealer because they are always so damn busy and charge a little too much. Any recommendations as to maybe smaller places that can do it?
  2. Snake River Yamaha wants $45 to mount and balance a front tire!! What a rip!! I think Carls is around $35.......a little cheaper, but still a rip nonetheless.

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    Cycle Gear is cheaper. I think its $30 if you bring in a tire, $15 if you purchased the tire from them.
    They tack on the cost of a valve plus tax and stuff so its more than the $15 or $30 still.
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    You can also start changing them yourself like I'm doing. Its not always the easiest thing and the first one or two are definately a learning experience but if you're ordering tires online and mounting them yourself, you can save some good $$$.
  5. I have a great hook up at the track, but in town nada, sorry man.
  6. I used dave's moto garage. just look for the sign in the alley.
    "you bring the lube, I'll insert the tube"
  7. seriously dave is good at it just don't watch him it makes him nervous. he did a gr8 ob and 10 bucks is a steal.
  8. I had two Diablos that i ordered off the net installed today at Carls. It cost $45 for both mounted and balanced with new stems.
  9. $10---$45

    Hey how are you anyway, didn't we ride bogus not to long ago...
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