When should the first group ride happen

Discussion in 'Rides' started by AlxandrtheGr8, Feb 25, 2006.

  1. We are getting closer the that time, anybody know when the roads for the lowman loop will be clear, or have an idea as to when we should have our first group ride of the year.
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    As soon as the bracket for my back brake comes in!

  3. shouldnt you be at church,
    some guys form idaho sportbikes.net went to horseshoe bend yesturday
  4. Looks like a small group is going to horseshoe bend today at 3:00 meeting at the chevron on hwy 55 with the subway.
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    Nope. My post was at 12:01 AM (just after midnight).
    I WAS at church when you posted this question. Shouldn't you have been at church?

  6. yeah Gary was really sick so we stayed home
  7. Hey guys, Kevin here. Hey just wanted to say that I know its still early in the season but i was expecting more peps wanting to go riding! Expecially on a day like this! I got off work and went to a buddies and we went for a short ride and it was great! I usually dont plan on riding, its just something that happens....I look outside, see the sun out and go. but i'll try giving ya guys more of a notice if im planning on riding! Forcast for Saturday....rain, but if it lets up in the evening, we're definitely going to go for a ride and the more people the better. As for now...back to adjusting the carbs.

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    There are definately riders out.
    When I got off work today I REALLY wanted to go riding but two things stopped me:
    1) Some friends just had a baby yesterday so my wife and I went to visit them.
    2) The bolt rattled out of my exhaust bracket today and I've gotta get that taken care of before any good rides. Zip ties aren't something I want to count on at 100mph+.

    Right after work, I even met a rider who works across the street from me. He and a few others were going to ride Horseshoe Bend / Emmett around 5pm but I couldn't go for the two reasons mentioned above.

    I've still got hope for tomorrow. I'll get the bolt taken care of in the morning and be ready to ride as soon as the weather is good. The HB-E loop is probably what I'll shoot for since its the best riding available until the mountain roads clear up. If it looks like I won't have enough time for a real ride, I'll try to take my wife for a 30 minute ride. She's never been with me for anything more than a ride around the block.
  9. I am not availible most evenings , (damn work :banghead:),. but sunday am till 4pm is good, I have to be at work by 5:30-6

    If any one wants to meet up moday or tues afternoon I could do that too
  10. OK i'm going out today if any one wants to go,

    Gonna do hoze's emmet run, rain be damned, if you want to go let me know b4 5pm :dblthumb:
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    Dude!! Its 4:36 and I'm home from work. I can go!
    Where do you want to meet? When are you going?