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  1. When riding wheelies should one stand up before he does one or sit down. I enjoy the sitting method and I look off to the side. But i see these guys standing up and then bouncing the bike up. just curious. and i like to do them but cmon the other day i saw this guy riding like a :squid: standing up and doing wheelies. and he did ten of them durring a one mile stretch i got sick of looking at him. couldn't take my F-ing eyes off the wheelie rider. I was thinking what a show off. What a freaking squidly hack. Damb wheelies were pretty high too. lol.
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    You don't have to stand up and you don't have to sit down. Its a preference issue. Stand up wheelies are a whole other beast.

    The guys you saw standing and bouncing where basically trying to compress the front suspension so that it was already springing up when they hit the throttle. They get the momentum going and it goes up smoother. You just have to be good at bouncing and controlling your wrist at the same time, otherwise, you get a good bounce and then yank the throttle too hard and end up laying on the ground as your bike flops away.

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    I'll find a couple wheelie how-to guides and post them up in the stunting section.
  4. Do you always have to have the last word lol. :dblthumb:
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  7. dane did you say wheelies or weenies
  8. I like the stand-up if you are going to try and hold it for more than a few hundred yards because your weight distrubution towards the extreme rear of the bike means the motor doesnt have to work as hard, But if you are only trying to be a squidly showoff for a couple hundred yards the sit-down takes considerably less effort.
  9. Ima squiddly squidler. I have seen that footage before It was usefull. oh and shea i said weenies lol
  10. I'll give this thread a bump.

    Since we've had an increase in stunters join up here, I'd like to hear how you guys are riding them out. I probably have the worst technique of anybody. I just listen to my engine, and then when it sounds right I'll hit the throttle and try to control the front as it lifts up. On my old bike I could really roll on and off the throttle until I found the balance point. On my new bike... well... I've been having issues. I don't have problems clutching them unless my glove gets bunched up and the lever doesn't slip out as fast as I'd want it to. Usually if I want to shift during a wheelie is when I'll try clutching. I got up to 3rd gear when we went to Bungee's spot, but that was the only good one I had that day.

    I was honestly surprised the other day with the quality of stunt riders we have in the area. I have no ambitions to be a stunter, but I do enjoy a good wheelie. How are you guys doing it??
  11. its really just an idea of knowing where your power band kicks in...that and if your on stock gearing like most people its a little harder/but not impossible....and i dont have to bounce it up but to me its all like one motion so when i bounce it..and my body starts to come up so does the bike and all just feels really smooth..when i dont bounce it, it seems like you get jerked back sometimes..its one of those timing things when you learn the bounce deal....and even when you get a good stand up your always not as high as you think you are...its when you pull your clutch in and you just float you should start to worry or work that back brake..lol..or pull in the clutch and hit the rev limiter...looks good on film..lol..anyways thats my :2cents:
  12. Just thot i'd through up ( :puke) some pictures of some wheelies that were recently taken...05/21/07
    **Let me know if u cant see them**

  13. man, that is too high for me, my bike is too long and heavy!!!
  14. I saw a guy on a Hayabusa all the up to the balance point on State st. last summer.