Wheelies? Other Stunts? Or just 2 BS...

Discussion in 'Stunting' started by 1ce, Jul 18, 2006.

  1. As you've seen on "GSXR playing with a CBR" i like to play around with wheelies and making dumb movies. So I wanted to throw a thread out telling you when i'm gonna be practicing some wheelies and other dumb little stunts, so that if you wanna come and see yourself on video or just wanna bs,you'll know when and where. You've seen how sad our wheelies, so you have no need to feel embarrassed about urs. Or if you wanna show off and teach us a thing or 2 thats kool.

    So i'm usually avaliabe in the evening time around 8ish, sometimes sooner. But during the summer hours, i'd rather doing it when its cooler anyways. So just post up on here if your wanting to or are gonna b doing some stunts and want some peoples to join ya.

    There is a very high chance that i'm gonna b going to my "secret" location tomorrow (Wednesday) evening and i'm gonna play some more with my wheelies. So if anyones wanting to go, just post up or give me a call/txt and i'll tell ya where i'll meet you at.
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    And for anyone who's interested, "Secret Locations" are non-public roads and will only be discussed via PM or a phone call because nobody wants to get in trouble on a public forum where anyone can read it. :dblthumb:

  3. Is Dick Cheney gonna be there???
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    Please PM me with the secret location and the secret time for the secret squirrel meeting.
  5. +1 on that, I may be able to make it
  6. Count me in. Don't expect anything crazy from me though.
  7. PM me also,, I want to come and be a poser, ( due to the fact that I cant do :bs:) but I would like to watch and learn.....
  8. better yet you can call me 2084405360 leave a F'ing message :dblthumb:
  9. Well we just got back and actually we started around 730. Sorry Proeve, if i had ur number i would've called ya.

    I had a good time. Learn some new things and was impressed by Nick! As you'll see later next week probably (when i get done with the videos clips) he can do some nice stand ups.

    Thanks 4 coming Nick,Alxander,Gr8Dane,babycakes(filming) and well have to do it again l8r.
  10. opps I guess I am a day late,, my bad. well you have my number call any time...
  11. Yeah it was a good time. Might as well give nicke the boise riders wheelie trophy i dont think anyone is going to be better than him for a while. It was nice meeting you nick. see you later guys
  12. Ha! :lies: I don't think I found the balance point more than once. Anyways, it was lots of fun guys. It was good to finally meet the Gr8's too.
  13. Oh ya, i liked ur new exhaust nick. I'll have to look into gettin one of those.
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    Sorry I missed out but let me know the next time you go out there. Sounds like a lot of fun.
  15. it was nice to meet you nick now we just have to get you out on the track.
    it was fun playing with karma for awhile. :beehive:
  16. I'll be doing all that I can to get to the next track day.
  17. Hey i hate to impose but is there any chance i can get in on the next time you guys do this? I don't have a bike yet but I wouldn't mind watching and meeting everyone if it's cool with you guys. Let me know!!
  18. Well after seeing nick skooling us with his power ups, im going to have to work on my power ups. So far i've just been playin around with slipin the clutch. But nick made it look soooooo easy, so i've gotta be able to do it. So i'll b practicing around but i'll post up when i'm heading up to our "private" road again, and alls welcome to me. Hell bring a lawn chair and some chips.
  19. me and some freinds are down to go, we actually have a spot we always go to, e-mail me at skater_107@Hotmail.com if you guys wanna go do some stuff some time, i think that guy that has that white bike that looks all stunted out over at cycle gear would wanna go to
  20. Yeah I dont know if I would want him to see us. He would probably wet his pants watching us try to do wheelies. :rofl: