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Discussion in 'Rides' started by BlindLOKI, May 30, 2006.

  1. Hey guys, whats up... just wanted to drop a line to let you know Ill be living in Mtn Home about June 12th. Proeve from this site turned me on to here, hes also on the CBRforums.

    Im going to live with my bro, who has been livin there for a bit now. He has an 06 636 and rides with a guy on an 06 r6, a guy on an 05 f4i, and a girl on a ninja 500.

    Heres my ride :p 03 600 RR


    Anyone here stunt? Im startin to learn the whoolies a bit... kinda playin with the clutch in first gettin used to the feeling. Its only my second season riding, so Im still bein super carefull and learnin the curve.

    hope to meet up with some of you guys sometime...


    **Edit... Wanted to drop a link here... Check out the compilation vids Ive done, lemme know what you think: http://www.putfile.com/blindloki

  2. :welcome: We have a few tricks in our bag keep in touch.
  3. Welcome LOKI, glad you found us,,we have groups rides alot....let us know when your in town,..
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    :welcome: LOKI, its great to see more people finding the board, especially those that don't even live here yet.

    Like Proeve said, we love to ride around here. There are a lot people in the area that just ride around downtown to show off their square back tires but most of us on the board like to do a lot more. We can't always get everyone together at once but we still manage to get out there and ride.
  5. Sounds good to me! ;D Im definately not an expert at riding (far from it probably) so a lot of you will prolly blow me away, but I do know my limits and I do stay within them. I tell everyone I ride with if were going through a section of twisties A.) I will not pass you if I am behind B.) I will not interrupt your line in any way C.) If I fall behind, we will meet **insert place here** D.) I expect the same from you

    Im not one who hauls ass... Im on my second season of riding on my first streetbike, so its taking some time, but Im still lovin the hell out of it. The whoolies are addicting, how do you guys keep yourself from doing them in town? I have to tell myself no a lot hahahahah

    take care,


    Check my last ride out... it hailed yay.... o_O http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v109/funnyjoka/600%20RR/Rides/rapid%20hail/
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    I'm just starting my second season on my first bike. I know EXACTLY where you're coming from.
  7. We all have much left to learn and as long as we understand that our bikes will never get the best of us!
  8. I wish I can get past the 100 mark, god it is just to freaky past that as of right now.. (Pro needs to lose a little bit of a tummy so he can tuck his ass up)

    all in do time bro all in do time...
  9. You must practice and use the force then you will be ready young skywalker
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    Someone here is a huge nerd! :joke:
  11. I guess it is good that you did not go to Xmen with us
    As I yelled out IM THE JUGGERNAUT B@TCH
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    I still haven't seen that!! I really missed out by not going with you guys but you really missed out by not being at the track with me!

    And don't you mean that you yelled, "I'm the juggernaut's bitch"?

  13. HAHAHAHAH pwned :banghead: :dblthumb:

    Proeve: dont worry bout it bro... Ive topped mine out a couple of times and its not really all what some have made it out to me... In my eyes, a 600 is plenty fast for the streets, a thou would get me in that much more trouble that much faster :p im perfectly happy cruisin the highway/interstate at 75-80... way less turbulence... hahah... bein in a full tuck gives me a damn crik in muh neck hehehe

    take care guys,

  14. true, but you do not win races going 100 and under,, you see I have a buddy that races nos bikes at the drags, and he is trying hard to get into drag racing, and a few of the local riders here run tracks so,, you get my driff.. bro... but I still need to lose a little wieght,,
  15. nice vids let us know when your in town or able to ride out with us
  16. I could have swore I saw "Im the juggernaut's bitch!" in your sig... whatever happened to that?
  17. i saw that too i think the man or big brother had something to do with it
  18. thats not what it originally said, someone just decided to change it and then everytime I would change it back they would change it again, So I am just waiting for that person to KNOCK IT OFF so I can put what ever in there,
  19. Ahh yes wise man once say watch out for the loadmaster!! ;D