What the hell?

Discussion in 'Rides' started by rujomo, Jul 14, 2006.

  1. There's no members in SE Idaho? Well that sucks! :cussing
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    1) I believe we have some but they are shy and don't post in this sub forum.
    2) Find some and get them on here!

    :welcome: by the way

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    And now Rambob is here and lives in your area.
  4. dude i'm in inkom. i am new to this forum, but i post at sportbikes.net a lot and someone pointed me in this direction. anyway. SE idaho riders need to come out of the shadows, i need to find out where all the fun is.
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    Sounds like an SE chapter starting up. Welcome rujomo and bluR!
    If nothing else, you can partake in our witty banter...
  6. Witty Banter?


    Any who,,

    Welcome bro's
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    Since Rujomo posted up a year ago, you may wanna send him a PM
  8. I'm from SE Idaho.
    Although, currently, I'm living in Boise.
    I believe that I am headed back down next week for a few months...
    I live in the Driggs/Victor/Tetonia area.
    That's about all I got, I mostly ride dirt bikes, which I may end up going and doing for awhile.
    I'm working on the street bike aspect of the whole thing.
  9. Finally found my way back here and it's friggin winter! :tantrum: Bikes are stabil'd and in hybernation. :tantrum: :censored: :censored: :tantrum:
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  11. I figured I'd post up. I'm on the right side of the state too. ;D

    Getting sick of the snow. :tantrum:
  12. welcome, everyone think sunshine!!!
  13. I am ready for dry roads!!
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    I am onboard with that to I am so sick of the snow....... It took like a week for the roads to dry up and then I got to ride for like two hours and it started :censored: snowing and we got like 4 inches now the roads are ice again and the high all week will only range between 20 and 25 degrees. :nutkick: I am sick of the snow I hope our house sells so I can move back and put the bad memories away. Althought the riding up here when the roads are clear and dry is epic and I will miss the mountains.
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    Sick of this crap to. Went our yesterday with the friends and shot guns to get over the anger of not riding. Still don't feel good. Just a sore shoulder. :banghead:
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    The Pedaler and I are going boarding tonight at Bogus so there's at least one upside to the snow.