Well that was fun

Discussion in 'Rides' started by svbmudssa, Apr 10, 2006.

  1. He dave, that was fun, ....a little fast but fun

    I am glad there were no LEO's out because you have a right wrist problem :neener:

    We will have to do it again . BTW I stopped on the way back to get some coffe and warm up then got caught in the rain, but at least my bike is a little cleaner ;D
  2. Oh yeah , and I won these for $200.00


    So it was a good day :dblthumb:

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    I got caught in the rain as well and didn't even stop on the way home. As I was riding up Eagle Rd. I could see a nasty storm on the south end and tried to beat it but no luck. I was only in the rain for the last 3 miles so it wasn't too bad. When I pulled into the garage, I wiped the bike down and dried the chain off so she's ready to go next time.

    I do have a right wrist problem. Sadly, I really was holding back tonight. The previous 3 rides on that loop this season have been in the opposite direction and quite a bit faster. I'll miss my license when its gone :mad:
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    Oh yeah - congrats on the leathers auction! That's a sweet setup at a sweet price.
    Sadly, I was out bid on the back protector and must continue my search.
  5. Whats sad is that a set of leathers can be had for a couple hundred, but good gloves and a back protector cost almost the same ???

    I am on the back protector hunt too so watch out, I have the time and bordom to snipe :laughing:
  6. Congrats on the leathers Ben! I am glad you found some.

    The Dainese you sold me fit like a glove. Kick-ass!
  7. Thanks, I didn't expect to win them. Three other people had asked questions and were watching. I put down a min bid, went out for a ....Ahem.. "spirited"..(cough) ride. :angel:

    And damn no one else had bid
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    Ah, I just love it when a plan comes together!!