Well Hoz told me to come and here I am....

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by Hybrid, Jul 12, 2006.

  1. Just thought Id introduce myself, Im hybrid.......your new resident asshole and motorcycle builder/tuner extraordinaire.

    A very brief background of me is that I have worked for pro (factory) teams in both Superbike Racing and NHRA PRO STOCK Drag Bike racing.

    I paint, polish, weld/fabricate and my real specialty is engines. I have a carbon fiber parts company and have just developed my new product line which I will introduce to you now. Sorry if the pics are a bit big but here goes.

    My company is CARBON FREAK? and my new line is CARBON CLONE? I hope you all enjoy as much as I enjoy making these things. Feel free to email me with any questions in general.
  2. Welcome! Is your company in Boise? What superbike team(s) did you work for?

  3. No Im actually in the ass of america (new mexico) and am moving to Texas shortly.

    Just to name a couple teams MUZZY (road racing) and WARD (drag racing)

    Im not here to brag, just see if I cant help you all out.
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    Hybrid builds some pretty sweet stuff (and just about anything he can think of). The new carbon windscreens he's building are VERY nice and I'm betting several of the GSX-R riders on the site would be interested in them. Its almost rediculous how many people have brand new bikes this year and it seems like they are all GSX-R's or R6's.
  5. where in TX hybrid?

    I spent a few years in Waco and a few in Ft. Worth. My wife is from just outside Cleburne and her relatives all over the state....
  6. originaly I wanted Dallas..........but I hear its old money there and I am so contemporary that I need youth around me, people with open minds so Im thinking outside of Austin

    I will be reopening my bike shop there and building all the crazy shit I always have but hopefully for a more financialy well off crowd

    Thanks guys!
  7. Got a web site? I was looking for something for my Silver R1.
  8. I seen a bike painted just like mine, so what would a full fit for a 600rr 06 carbon body kit run? silver hopfully??
  9. I saw it on the freeway the other day I think it belongs to a :squid: did not have much on just a helmet
  10. pro gets out his paint cans and wonders if that :squid: would like his bike to be pu**y pink in color.