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    Welcome to the site!

    Feel free to post up some information on yourself.

    Just some quick ideas (aka guidlines).

    Give us some details on how you found the site.
    More details on what you ride and how you like to ride.
    Post some pics of your ride(s) with a description. I use Photobucket to host images and then insert the IMG link in the post. There are other image hosting sites out there so take your pick.

    Go to User CP and fill in the details. If nothing else, put in your first name in the "What is your real name" field. We can then relate to you on a first name basis instead of calling you "AwesomeSuperBikeDude".

    Have fun with it and Welcome to BRN. Where the fun never ends...ok, sometimes it gets ugly, but for the rest of us it is still fun.
  2. Thanks

    Thanks for the welcome, I heard of your site from a fellow I met on a job. Bought a new scoot last year and plan on using it this year......I have officially retired my old LTD 1100 for church on Sunday or shows....breaking in Major Green, my 2011 ZX1400. Rode it today.....first ride this year.:wheelie:

  3. I found the site through an instructor during a motorcycle safety course

    I ride a zx-6r, I would characterize how I ride as "spirited"

    I have a plain bike with rim tape that adds 10 horsepower (minimum). Considering a track day this year.
  4. New member from Canyon County - 2006 Speed Triple, S1000rr coming soon!
  5. Welcome, feel free to star your own thread. Tell us about yourself and show us more of the bike!!
  6. Found your site through Google. Been back in Boise for 6 months now. My ride is a 2014 Sym Wolf Classic 150. Not a lot of them around so i have been looking for other small displacement/scooters to go on rides with.

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  7. Hello from Wyoming
    Bikes include 2011 KTM 990 Dakar, 2015 KTM 300xcw, 2013 beta ss 300 trials. Getting older so hung up the racing boots and put on the adventure bike boots. The sweet thing is my wife is more addicted than me. Very seldom do I go by myself, probably a good thing as she keeps the speed in check and regulates how gnarly of the terrain I take the 990 in. Living with in 30 minutes of the black hills we have endless adventure bike riding opportunities .

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  8. Bring your trials bike out here for a ride. There is a small group (3-5) that ride every Sunday and sometimes will do a week day ride too. We have a great riding area in Melba. Thanks for posting and keeping the site on life (post) support. ;)
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    Happy New Year to all!
  10. All who???? LOL

    Happy new year.
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  11. Hi all. Found this group in numerous searches for bike parts.
    Currently eyeballs deep in pre-09 Husaberg. Today I am trying to find out where to get a 99 cylinder Re-coated. Can it be done locally? Please let me know. I’m always looking for pre-09 Husaberg projects btw.

    I am currently using the tap talk app and it’s pretty annoying and hard to use. I’m gonna attempt a topic search now for Nikasil plating in Boise.

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  12. New to the site, found it by simply surfing the net looking for different rider groups. really looking to connect with some people with older sport bikes. Currently running a 2001 Kawasaki ZRX1200R. Ready to ride.
  13. Not new, but I'm moving back. I'm hoping some riders on here may remember me.

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