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Discussion in 'New Users' started by idgsxr1k, Jun 4, 2006.

  1. It looks like someone else has found us :welcome: speedcbr
  2. Hozhead

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    Indeed, :welcome: speedcbr

  3. Its quite an honor bestowed on all newbies to now be calling them gsxr riders!!! Can I get an ahmen on that fellow zuki riders. Oh and I would like to directly quote a conversation I just had with the ridemaster " I wouldnt mind if someone with good insurance would wipe out my bike so I could go get a new GSXR!" :devil:
  4. RideMaster

    RideMaster RideMaster

    That's right, there is a new post count ranking:

    00 to 24 posts = Newbie
    25 to 49 posts = GSX-R Rider
    50 to 89 posts = Squid
    90 to 149 posts = IdahoSTAR Graduate
    150 to 174 posts = Canyon Carver
    176 to 189 posts = Barlow
    190 to 209 posts = Holzer
    210 to 500 posts = AMA Racer
    501 posts ^ = MotoGP Racer

    Please note that you have to be a GSX-R Rider BEFORE becoming a Squid :neener:
  5. Arent there already enough Barlows out there now Im gonna be one too!! :bsflag:
  6. brothers dont shake hands,,, brothers hug
  7. Sounds like you got too much love to give for this guy