Was that Ice on Bogus tonite??

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by svbmudssa, Aug 14, 2006.

  1. Passed a GSXR going up (he was going down, not to give the impression that I can pass a GSXR)

    I got a late start and went up cartwright Rd. first then a few bogus curves to finsh a shorth but satisfying ride.

    Cartwright to hidden springs could be fun, but its closed off at drycreek and I didn't feel like going around ::)
  2. Couldn't have been me, I didn't make any rides lastnight. And sadly won't be making anymore evening rides till for another four weeks (training). But i do have the weekends off.

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    I was up there between 4 and 5 so it coulda been me.
  4. This was around 8:30pm or so.
  5. Kevin- Good to see you at work. What time is your training running from? I work on the 2nd floor in the Service Engineering department. We design and test all those nifty programs you use! I saw your bike today, its a mostly cruiser type crowd at work, so I'm glad there's at least one more sportbike.
  6. Uh lets see...training is for 4 weeks...We "graduate" on the 8th of Sept. Lucky we have the 4th off and i'm trying to see what i can do for track day. Oh ya, I get paid for not working on the 4th! :dblthumb:

    I'm currently training on the first floor but once fully trained, i'll b on the 3rd floor. Schedule isnt bad. I have alternating days off (Thursday and Saturday) and i always have Sunday off.

    Looking at the bikes there. THere are only a couple nice street bikes there -yours & mine- jk, but ya just boring cruisers....Although while on break outside, i noticed two guys walking past our bikes, and they were AMAZED to see 2 06 GSXR 750s lol. Oh ya, im also hopeing for the cubical by the window so that i can stare at my bike and day dream about myself riding........I think im sharing too much with u guys. :banghead:
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    I'm just glad to hear you won't be staring at Nick all day. :stooges:

    I'm also gonna use this smiley just because I like it: :eek:hyeah: