Warm Lake ?

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  1. Headed up to Stolle Meadows / Juniper Mtn Outfitters this weekend with a bunch of people to ride horses.
    A couple of us want to ride dirt bikes also.
    I have ridden Yellow Jacket trail and a couple of others but I am looking of a few other suggestions.

    thanks in advance !!

  2. Call V, he'll point you in the right direction.

  3. So far planning on riding Yellow Jacket, Tyndall creek and Telephone Ridge.
  4. Do you by chance take a GPS? If you do could you post the tracks? I was just on a road ride up there yesterday and saw a lot of dirt roads that looked great for exploring. Also saw a Boise ATV club camping. Have a great ride.
  5. I dont. I carry a "Spot" though. Not a whole lot of info on the net. Love riding the Harley up to Warm lake Summit towards Landmark. I also want to ride along the S.F. of the Salmon towards Yellow Pine. Might do that Monday with a guy bringing his BMW 800.
  6. Be careful up that way. There's been a fire up there for a week or tow and there might be fire vehicle traffic. The Stolle Meadows area was closed for awhile.... Hopefully it's open again.
  7. What a great time. Snowed 3-4 on Saturday. Soaked in to perfection !

  8. Good job with the video. The first part of the trail looked great.....but the last part....only on the trials bike.
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  9. Looks like my kind of ride!!
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