Video of UHP Helicopter @ MMP (STUPID!!)

Discussion in 'Videos' started by Hozhead, Jun 22, 2006.

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    Jiggly posted this on the Utah forum. The video is from the AMA races this weekend when the idiot flying the Utah Highway Patrol helicopter lifted of DURING a race and kicked dust up EVERYWHERE.
  2. I remember saying when that happened, what the hell is he doing

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    There are reports that the idiot actually hit the rotor blades of the other helicopter when he was landing too. Apparently he nicked a blade before he touched down and he had to lift off again and land 10 feet over. Its a frickin' miracle no one was killed in EITHER stupid move.
  4. What a f*@&ing moron! But what can you expect from a Utard?
  5. was that the weekend of the race you guys went to, what a douche
    i'm suprized no body went down on the track, at least i hope not, what a douche.
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    Yep, same weekend. We saw the idiot taking off while we were in the stands. There was a ton of dust out there and riders were going through it blind.
  7. I was there too. You have got to love it when you are comming down a 3,500+ foot straight and have a dust storm where my DAMM BRAKE MARKERS ARE!!!!!

    The racers had to have been PISSED!! :banghead: