US Streetbike sales up 30% in January

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    From an article in the blog:

    First Quarter 2006 Motorcycle Sales

    U.S.A.: Streetbike sales were up a whopping 30.8% in January compared to the same month in 2005, for some reason. Overall, streetbike sales for the first quarter were up 8.6% from 2005, with 134,557 sold. Dual-purpose bikes also showed a dramatic increase, up 27.4% from the first quarter of 2005 for sales of 7,185. Off-road motorcycle sales had a slight uptick at plus 2.4%.

    There was lots of hoopla about rising scooter sales in the U.S. due to the higher cost of fuel, and although scooter sales were up by 28.2% in January, they fell dramatically in February, and first quarter numbers showed scooter sales up only 2.1% for the first quarter of 2006 when compared to 2005. (Source: Motorcycle Industry Council).

    Europe: Meanwhile, the Association des Constructeurs Europ?ens de Motocycles reports that the overall European "Powered Two-Wheeler" (PTW) market has now reached more than 1.9 million units, an increase of almost 3% compared to 2005. The top five PTW countries in 2005 were Italy, France, Spain
    (4th in 2004), Germany and the UK, while the top five PTW brands were Piaggio, Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki and Peugeot. The top five motorcycle countries for 2005 were Italy, Spain (4th in 2004), France, Germany and the United Kingdom, while the top five motorcycle brands were Honda, Piaggio, Yamaha, Suzuki and BMW.

    The overall market for scooters of less than 50cc and for mopeds is still contracting with a drop of almost 9%, reaching 0.6 million units. The top five 50cc countries for 2005 remained unchanged compared to 2004, being France, Italy, Spain, Germany and the Netherlands, while the top fi ve 50cc brands were Piaggio, Yamaha (including MBK), Peugeot, Kymco and Malaguti.

  2. along with the increase in bike sales is the increase in accidents. we have a lot of guys comming back from Iraq and buying new bikes with all of their money. Problem is a lot of them do not have the experiance to be buying 1000cc bikes
  3. 1000cc 600cc both deadly machines the only thing I would have minor trouble killing myself on is a peewee 50. even still i have to worry about other people on the road.

    is there a season when the squids come to shore and beach themselves.