Up to Stanley 09/09

Discussion in 'Rides' started by mykeym, Sep 7, 2006.

  1. I know this is short notice but i would be heading up to stanley on 09/09 according to yahoo maps this is a 3.5 hr trip we would headup early morn once in stanley meet up with another group of individuals, do some "sight seeing" to redfish lake then head back.

    if ANY one is interested let me know. :dblthumb:
  2. I might go if it's early enough on saturday to miss out on some tourists (and not to sweat my @$$ off in my leathers!)

  3. that was my plan +1
  4. I may go and then continue on to Challis. Are you headed through Idaho City?

  5. Cool, what time are you guys going to roll out on Sat?
  6. i was thinking, on the move at 0700.
  7. Cool, where do you want to meet?

    Also, how far do you plan on going? I might just do the loop through to idaho city and come on back to Mtn Home.
  8. up to stanley and grab some food and take some pictures, and heading back
  9. Hozhead

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    That's gonna be a great ride that I can't go on. Damn, I do NOT like being on call at work. Its a good thing they pay me for this!
  10. Ok, where do you want to meet?
  11. does everyone know where the bk and chevorn off of gowen near the boise factory outlet and iceword is?
  12. i think that we should meet there at around 0630-0645 ish no need to be up too incredible early it is a saturday after all.

    ps what bikes should i be looking for?
  13. See you there.

    Black RSV Mille R
  14. Speaking of early, that's a little too early for me. ;D

    I'll catch you guys next time.
  15. oooooooooooooo me want
  16. did i mention that we will be switching off on this ride?

    JK, though i wish i werent :tantrum: