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Discussion in 'Rides' started by Hozhead, Jun 26, 2006.

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    Okay, it won't quite be a tour but I'm thinking we should do a two up group ride.

    Everyone brings their favorite pillion passenger and we do an easy ride to Idaho City and back. On a two up ride, I want to encourage everyone to stay close to the speed limit and, of course, passengers should have a helmet at least with more gear preferred.

    I'm not sure on a date yet but perhaps July 1st (Saturday) or July 3rd (Monday) since many people have the day off. We could all go to Idaho City in the morning, grab some breakfast and then ride back.

    I've never taken my wife that far on the bike but I'm hoping she'll be up for it.

    Opinions? Suggestions?
  2. Could be fun I am worried that I might melt heather to the seat though! :flameT

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    I forgot about your unique predicament. Great use of the smiley though!! :rofl:
  4. Sounds good. We could even take "omg my ass is on fire" breaks. :tantrum:
  5. Heather has to be at work at 7:30 Saturday morning she works every other Saturday so I might have to go solo!
  6. I bet this chick would go with you. You would whellie the whole way though.

  7. :pukeThat is absolutelty horrifying. Your mom doesnt care that you post her pictures on the net like that :eek:wned: :slap: :joke:
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  9. All I can do is laugh right now. I dont know my wife is pregnant dont know if I want to risk going that far on a bike with her.
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    I'm also cool with planning this for a Saturday morning later in July. It would be great to get a good size group together and the two up thing would make it a bit different than what we normally ride.