Track Day - MMP - May 29th

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    Here's a quick teaser of the track day on May 29th at MMP. I ordered pictures from FotoMotion but they won't be here until early next week so these are a couple proofs to get the show started.

    The second picture is me cutting that woman off and looking to see that she makes the corner. Oops.
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    Here's Fuze in the gravel after turn 12. He braked too late and rode off but handled it well with no damage to rider or bike. He got a little help out of the gravel and was back out and riding.

    They didn't get a picture of my two gravel excursions, primarily because I didn't stop. Both were after dragging my right peg through a corner. I ran the corner wide and then stood it up as I moved off the track. I rode through the gravel and popped back onto the track when it was clear behind me.

  3. We all saw the movie Torque but that doesnt mean mean we need to try and ride sportbikes through gravel and jump sand dunes! ;D
  4. On a more serious note your cornering position looks immensly better then last year. Looking forward to chasing you around for a few laps if I ever get my work done!!
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    That first picture is sweet. You should buy that one. It looks like a lot of fun.
  6. We should get some of our own taken real soon!!
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    Actually, for $30 at the track or $40 ordered online later, he sends you a CD with every picture of you.

    I do wish some of the pictures weren't zoomed in so close because the context of track position and relation to other riders would help to convey what each corner takes to get through fast and smooth. A lot of the proofs I've looked at look like they are the same corner, same lap because there is no background to compare. If you flip through them in order though, you can see an improvement in form throughout the day and see things that still need work so that is cool.