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Discussion in 'Rides' started by Hozhead, Apr 27, 2006.

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    I stopped by to look at helmets and instead got a look at a guy who's gut had to weigh 100 lbs by itself debating on whether to get a 1000rr or a GSX-R 750 and it was pretty obvious he wasn't a rider. He certainly wasn't going to be able to turn either of those bikes with a belly that big. Hell, he'd probably have to get gut sliders in addition to knee sliders if he ever learned how to ride it.
  2. Ya so Im a little overweight!!! :mad:

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    This guy could have given birth to you. Not baby you either, we're talking he could give birth to a full grown adult.
  4. That was me!

    OK, I know this is mean but don't you just want to say something like dude trust me you won't like it. First 2G hard brake into a corner and that guy is going to be hating life all the way to High Desert Harley Davidson to get a cruiser. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

    Anyway, I hope he got the 1K :rofl:

  5. IM not fat just big boned :popcorn: oh man am i hungry
  6. didn't know your ass had bones in it. cause you got a big ol'ass. :eek:wned:
  7. Ya know I always felt the same way about fat kids on rockets, but this weekend changed my mind. There was this kid that had to be about 280-300lbs on a 2006 R6 on the Reno track, and he was tearing it up. I was very impressed. Now even though Im a skinny kid myself(5'11, 175lbs) I gotta give it up for the fat kid..... :hail:
  8. i hate that guy i think its ron not sure but yeah i worked there for a little while and hes an ass
  9. Props to the fat kid! Give it up!
  10. seeing a fat guy riding and identical bike to mine (Yamaha FZ6) with all his "Flesh" draped around the kickstand. Gave me all the incentive to loose and maintain my weight.. I'm 190 and it seems to be working fine for me
  11. so you could say he had a dunlop? as in his stomach dunlopped right over the edge of his belt? :laughing:
    ok so it wasn't that funny, but I saw a guy like that today while i was wouldn't believe how small those guys make their bikes look.
  12. WOW, you guys really know how to make some one feel good about them self's.
  13. I know huh. Seems like some discrimination against "poofy" riders going here.

  14. yup

    /me looks for his donuts and goes to sit on his marshmallow couch.
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    Thats why I have a ZX-14. Makes my butt look small. ;D
  16. Since it appears that this thread was started 3 years ago - I wonder what that fat guy from Carl's is up to now...... ::) :eatpop:
  17. Well, since you asked... I'm now married with a million kids and I go to BSU full time. Oh, and I went with a 600 actually. ;D
  18. Oh - well nice to meet you :rofl: Gotta be expensive taking care of a million kids (are we talking human children, goats, hamsters, rabbits?). Any success in taking off some of that dunlop? You know, for every 7 pounds you take off your dunlop, you gain a horsepower out of your motorcycle :beehive:

    Well, I just finished my 3 mile run, so I'm going to go jump in the shower......

    Yes, I know I am soooo going to get smacked now.... Pro, Shadow, Bill.... take it easy on the defenseless girl now.... ;D