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  1. Ok, so after this last weekend I am going to need to purchase some new tires. Any recommendations? I'll be riding mostly just normal messing around and the occasional trip with twisties...
    Let me know,
  2. what type of bike do you have.

    i have had good luck with metzler z6's and michlen piliot powers for 2 different reasons

    the occasional twisties with alot of commuting in cold and rain, ect z6's is what i preferred
    lots of twisties with not so bad weather i like the pp

    i like the twisties so i would recommend the pp over the z6s for a more sporty all around just alot more confiedence inspiring.

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    Recommendation #1: Stay away from Dunlop (Dunflop!).
    Their race tires are great but their street tires wear WAY too quickly.

    Recommendation #2: If you want high performance tires and expect to be hitting corners really fast, go with the Michelin Pilot Power or the Metzler M3. They both stick REALLY well and get very reasonable wear for a tire with that much traction. I kinda prefer the Pilot Power profile (quicker turn in because of a steeper center - though not quite as stable in a straight line) because of my track use but I can't honestly say I have a single complaint about my current M3's.

    Recommendation #3: If you aren't doing agressive corners and would like a tire that will wear REALLY well (read: last long) and still stick much better than you'd need for any speeds you should be going, the Metzler Z6 is a fantastic tire. The Z6 is kind of a sport touring tire but I know a lot of guys that run these on full sport bikes and push them pretty hard with excellent results.
  4. I'll definitly be looking into those then. And btw, I'm riding a CBR 600 F4i. First year or riding so I'm not doing those turns at 130 like a lot of you guys are but still... :)
  5. Its your first year Ryan? Damn, you were doing awesome coming down from Lowman into Idaho City. I started to feel bad that I might be slowing you down.
  6. Yup, first year. Rode dirtbikes a lot prior but thats about it. Granted though... I have put over 6000+ miles on it since the beginning of the year. :)
  7. +1 for the Z6.

    That's all I've been riding since they were available and they are great. I was going to try the M3 though I have not had a chance to get to the shop.
  8. Ordered Z6 yesterday so we'll see.... Sound like a good choice though
  9. You'll love them and they will stick fine on the street. They are also an excellent wet weather tire - just fabulous.

    Last year going over Lolo Pass to Missoula we came upon this guy on a VFR and it was game on. I played for a few miles and then backed off but my friend and this guy went on a 130Mph flyer that lasted many many corners. I could see them up there leaned waaaaay over. He had Z6s on and they never skipped a beat. IMO, Metzler makes some nice rubber.