Tire patching/plugging.

Discussion in 'Mechanical & Technical' started by Hozhead, Apr 30, 2006.

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    After getting two flats on pretty much brand new tires in one month, I decided it was time to learn the art of repairing tires.

    I ordered a mushroom plug gun (made by Stop & Go) for repairing tires while they are on the rim. http://www.stopngo.com/Contents/1075.asp
    Its not a permanent fix but will be very good to have on road trips in case someone gets a flat out there. I need to get some CO2 cartridges for inflating but that's about it.

    I also ordered some permanent tire patches that are basically a patch with a rubber stem in the middle. You put them on from inside the tire and insert the stem through the hole using a metal spike wrapped around the stem. They seem to work pretty well considering that I patched a tire last week and have now done spirited (though not rediculously fast) Idaho City and Bogus Basin rides. I've also taken the tire to ludicrous speed and everything is great so far.
  2. no patch tire is a permanent patch, I would not run on a patch tire for very long, I ran on one for about 120 miles, but replaced it. I got a screw in my last tire, the tire only had 77 miles on it, I run pilot power and $200 buck a wack I get alittle pissy. lol

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    I'm running Pilot Powers as well. After getting a flat on TWO rears in the same month, I decided to make use of the "permanent" plugs. So far, I've done casual riding, Bogus Basin, Idaho City, a track day, and 151mph and have had no problems.
  4. Well while you guys were having fun on the track I went to McCall to visit family for the weekend. After arriving, i heard my bike tire hissing at me... :censored: ... Only to find a large staple of some kind stabing the bottom right of my tire. So i must've gotten it when hitting a corner at higher speeds or when banking hard. I've plugged it up with a cheap plug and been riding on it since. Due to it being on the right side of the tire i'm not too worried about it except on right turns. You should check it out and maybe I could give ya a couple bucks and bumm one of those plugs from ya if you think its that bad.

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    x locates where hole is.
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    I'd be happy to take a look and do any repairs necessary to make sure you're riding safely.
  6. http://www.stopngo.com/Contents/1001.asp

    This is the kit me and XLR8 used and worked perfect. It comes with the CO2. It is 4 of them. Not enough but, good enough to take you to next gas station.

    Hoz... I want to ask you if you can take a look at my back tire also when you decide on a date to look at 1ces.
  7. My only comment is, new tire $150, your life and welfare priceless.