Thursday night (Sept 14th) 6pm

Discussion in 'Meetups' started by Nick1983, Sep 12, 2006.

  1. Alright folks, we're doing a nice easy ride to Emmett and back around home via Horseshoe Bend. There are some nice corners that take you behind Black Canyon Dam into H/S Bend.

    We'll meet at 6pm at the Chevron on Eagle and State (not to be confused with the one on 55 and beacon). Everybody know where that's at? Meeting point can change if needed, I know everybody probably hates Eagle Rd as much as me, but that seemed like a logical place.

    See ya guys there!
  2. Hozhead

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    I'm definately in!

  3. CBR King

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    from what i hear that is a pretty (FUZZ)y ride if you know what i mean but i might go
  4. CBRF2Old

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    I am in...I this point...

    The fuzz can't catch me....doing anything wrong....most of the time... :angel:
  5. True, but there's no road where the fuzz won't be. Besides, most of the group knows when its okay to speed and when its not... I place an emphasis on most :slap: ;D
  6. I rode that same route last Sunday and saw some cops. No problems, though.
  7. You coming?
  8. um....ya, i posted in the other thread that im in, but i'll repost it me in
  9. Ya sounds good Nick, 6pm. Now to get M2M founder (Darrin) out off the city streets, Ha.. :rofl:
  10. I'm in, and I should have a couple other riders with me.
  11. Sounds like we'll have a good group going tomorrow.
  12. ill try to get my ass out there, IF I am not there that is because my will you know said no.


    Sorry I will not make it, I am starting to get sick and I am not feeling all that good right now. I have one mad headache.
    Maybe I will try to pick up on one the the weekend rides..
  13. We'll see you guys there in a bit! We're clear, its not supposed to rain!
  14. I look in my garage... and what do I see? My brother-in-law's 05 SV 650S. I should take it out tonight :devil1:
  15. Hozhead

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    I would!
  16. Well my employee never showed back up, Im pissed off :slap2: heads are going to roll. Im going to try to get this store shut down and head that way. I will give you a call Nick. AAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhh people piss me off. :hitfan:
  17. Sorry you got screwed Yokom. It was a good ride.

    Had fun guys! We'll see you on Saturday.
  18. CBRF2Old

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    That was a good ride. Got the carbon blown out of the CBR (Sorry Nick for doing it right in front of you ;D).

  19. Hozhead

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    I had fun. And I'm please to see that Carl's brakes work too.
  20. CBRF2Old

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    Not as pleased as I was! Gotta work on my panic stops though. Should have worked the back brake a little less, but I was concentrating on the front and the back just smoked. I did notice that Kwakker guy (sorry man, I forgot your name already..) was looking over his shoulder at one of the stop lights and actually moved up next to the rider in front of him when he saw that I was behind him. Probably makes all of you want to put me in the front of the pack just to know where I am. ;D