Thursday July 20th Dinner Ride

Discussion in 'Rides' started by brianw21, Jul 17, 2006.

  1. Let's beat the heat!

    Meet Thursday July 20th @ 6:00pm at the Federal Way / Hwy 21 Albertsons, leaving at 6:15pm. Ride includes Idaho City -> Lowman -> Idaho City (Burgers) then back to Boise. Hoping to get a few people... I need out of the house, and it's time to break the R1's summit cherry.

    I've asked a few of the idahomotorsports riders to join us. Good bunch no squid. I'm assuming the same here...

  2. we are for the most part the same people...

    Opps my bad. I was thinking you were talking about people, sorry I read your post wrong.

  3. Do you know if duck killer going to ride too?
  4. I sent him the announcement from the other board. I might give him a ring later on today and see.
  5. Hozhead

    Hozhead <img src="/images/ranks/site_founder.gif" alt="BRN

    Unfortunately, I'm out on this one.
    I'm gonna have some long days at work and the little time I do have in the evening will be spent removing all of the lights and bodywork from my bike for track prep.
  6. Pssh! Rub it in out faces Hoz!!! Not kool man... :thumbdown: jk

    Anyways, im up for this ride, or at least i'm going to try and make it. Depends on what time i get off.

    Unless i post different, count me in.
  7. That ol' saucy bastard is coming!
  8. I'll be there. Tell Duck, he's been nagging me about a deal for makeup at Dillards.
  9. Well turns out i actually get off at 6pm...So if i dont get off a lil early then i'll be late, guessing around 615. But if i dont see u guys there, then i'll just catch up.
  10. Awsome... looking forward to meeting you guys. We'll shoot for leaving at 6:15... I'm on a silver R1 with akropovics and a bright red ICON jacket.

  11. Is anyone going 2 up?
  12. Good ride, was nice to meet some of you guys (and a gal). Getting up for work after two nights of wakeboarding and a decent ride was a challenge.
  13. Thanks for the ride I had a great time. Thanks for the Pizza Ducklr!!!!
  14. It was a good ride. It was nice meeting you Brian, thanks for organizing it. 1ce, BabyCakes, always a pleasure to hang with you guys. So I guess I missed out on pizza... duck told me there was a wet t-shirt contest that you won Brian. ;D
    As for getting up for work... well... that's always challenging.
  15. Can't wait for the next ride... hope we can get something together this week or next!