The Roman Emperor signs with Suzuki!

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  1. I'm not a big Biaggi fan, but I like how he brings that "WWE" feeling to racing. It's always a drama when that guy is around. In any case, you don't have to like him to admit that he is (or at least was) a great racer.
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    My comments:
    - Keeping his mouth shut and not burning his last bridge will be his biggest challenge.

    - That statement will be brought up a few times when Max is whining constantly about life not being fair and that everyone else has a better motorcycle, crew, umbrella girl, etc.

    - It also proves that the guys in MotoGP aren't forgetting the crap he pulled over the last several years.

    All that aside, you'd better believe I'll be watching!! Biaggi is going to have a hell of a time getting past Troy and Troy and hearing the announcer scream about him should be entertaining as well.

  3. WRT Bayliss, I agree. As for Corser, he seems to have lost some of his magic. Watch out for Haga and Toseland, though!
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    This is a little :eek:fftopic: but rumors are pretty strong that Tommy Hayden will take Yates place on the Yosh Suzuki next year. Here's the article from

    Tommy Hayden Will Ride Suzuki In 2007
    by dean adams
    Wednesday, September 13, 2006
    Knowledgeable sources confirm that current Kawasaki Superbike rider and former Supersport champion Tommy Hayden (28) will race for Yoshimura Suzuki next year. Hayden's move from the Kawasaki team has been one of the surprise events of the current silly season.

    Hayden's last race for Kawasaki will be at Mid-Ohio later this month.