The next generation of windscreens!!!!

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Hybrid, Sep 14, 2006.

  1. Hey Guys and Gals,

    Hoz asked me to drop back in and show you all my latest stuff.

    I took my CARBON FREAK? windscreens and added something to them.

    I hope you like and because hoz is such a cool guy, Im offering a DEEP discount on them.

    RETAIL $199 + SHIPPING (15 bucks)
    BOISERIDERS $165 SHIPPED!!! You save 50 bucks just for being hoz's friends!
  2. Tanman

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    If you need somebody to demo them for you, you know, I can probably help you out with that. :dblthumb:

  3. Is there any triumph 675 screens avail?
  4. Hozhead

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    Its probably best to send Hybrid a PM with the questions. He's pretty busy and isn't on a whole lot.
  5. CBRF2Old

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    Ford F250 SuperDuty V10????
  6. Hey guys,

    I just finished the 00-04 gsxr 1000 and whatever it fits for 01-03 6-7

    everything else that was asked I dont make yet. Ill offer up the only thing I can.

    If you really want one, prepay for it and Ill build it for you and give you the first one.

    Same cost but it takes 3-4 weeks from start to part usually.