The garage is full of parts!

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  1. Just a shout out to update you all on my progress. My new hotbodies undertail and exhaust are here ;D. One Secound Faster rear sets should be here today. Team Skeen extended sliders and bobbins are here. 520 chain conversion x ring 17-44 on the way. Subframe left canada on friday. Hel braided brake lines ship on Wed. I will have my fairings back in two weeks. Still trying to decide on the correct levers I want to run. My timing retard eliminator is all hooked up. Im going with the Metz rubber this year as thats the only tire manufacturing I havent tried yet. I got my Miller Park tix a couple days ago should be ready in plenty of time. I also got my Laguna Seca tix last week. Speaking of that "WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON IN AMA SUPERBIKE?" Ben spies wins the whole weekend with Mat Mladin on the track????? Mat throws away the secound race when he was building a lead by tucking the front tire. I bet Hozer had something to do with this, you kidnapped Mladin and replaced him with some moron! Thats my conspiracy theory for the week! :dblthumb:
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    I recorded the AMA races and wasn't going to watch it until tonight. I TOTALLY did not see the spoiler coming in your completely non AMA related post!!

    Back to the ACTUAL subject, however, its good to hear you've got the parts all lined up. Let me know if you need help getting things together - even if its just an extra hand to hold a subframe while you bolt it on, I'd be happy to see that bike going back together after so long.

  3. :rofl:Now thats funny :neener:
  4. Oh ya and on a side note you are welcome to roll over here tonight to watch the races I saved them and its really nice to watch the bikes roll by on the big 65" I got the surround done now too!