The End of Two Wheel Tuesday

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by Hozhead, Jun 22, 2006.

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    I just watched the FINAL episode of Two Wheel Tuesday (DVR'ed from Tuesday of this week).

    There had been a lot of talk over the last month or so that TWT might end as SpeedTV brought in the new series "Superbikes" and I guess its true.

    A LOT of people bag on Greg White constantly. I don't think he did an incredible job but he wasn't terrible either. Mostly, I was just happy to have a show that covered sportbikes. My MAJOR pet peeve with TWT is the amount of filler they had on each episode when there was a LOT more they could have covered like additional new bikes, more detailed information about built-ups, etc.
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    "Superbike" is gonna be off the hook, yo. We gonna be stunning up in B-Town ya'll. Put on yo best ball cap and pop that hammer til yo wheel at 12 o'clock and you'll know what time it iz.
    Peace out...........

    Pimpin ain't eazy

  3. dont hate the player,,, hate the game
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