The dumbest thing I've seen that actually worked.

Discussion in 'Mechanical & Technical' started by Hozhead, Jun 5, 2006.

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    Gr8Dane's 520 conversion w/ 1 down, 2 up arrived today so we put it on this evening. My dremel is currently with idgsxr1k so Gr8Dane improvised a new way to grind down the pins to cut the old chain off and then cut the new one to proper length.
  2. Good work, Butmy garage is always open to those that know the trick!

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    I know "A" trick to get in but I don't want to be that guy.
  4. The trick would be to type in the #of championships Mat had one in 2004!
  5. I dont think I have enough fingers to count on
  6. I like them sexA goggles them are sweet, :dblthumb:

  7. Dane, post up what you think of the -1/+2!

    Sweet isnt it!
  8. He probably hasnt been off his bike since he got it done
  9. In my own defence construction work is to always make due to prevent lost time. I have a diamond blade for that saw but the blade already needed to be changed so i figured one last hurrah! Same method is used for cutting rebar just larger saw with bigger diamond blade. As far as getting that conversion on and running best thing I could ever have done. Amazing!! I will need to get the speedo healer but all in all I love it and would never go back. I was able to adjust my suspension a little harder all the way around which I wanted to do for riding the twisties, but didn't change because of transitional differences in performance on the street. The power is where and when I want it and response is great.
  10. Nobody has a chain press in their roll away?
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    I lack a roll away!

    I've actually got a chain braking tool and a vise for pressing on a link plate but they are both in idgsxr1k's garage.
  12. Im home if you need it!
  13. Maybe you can part out your GT and pick up a nice roll away at Toys R Us!!
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    I dropped the GT off tonight for a tune-up along with a replacement chain and derailer bracket. I gotta get in better shape in order to improve my motorcycle riding and the mt. bike is a good way to do it.
  15. I just rode 40 miles tonight and some dumbass on a red honda passed me on the right when we were making a left turn from a stoplight. Any of you hozers here? ;D

    Cycling is good for the riding.

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    I'm the only one with a red Honda on here and I guarantee it wasn't me.
    I was running errands in my truck.
  17. what is with that hozer, eh!
  18. It's just as well. There are too many whack jobs to ride around town much IMO. I commute to work but other than that I don't ride around the city much. Nobody pays attention. Live longer and hit the twisties is what I say.

  19. I did yard work yesterday and borrowed daves weed eater the bike was in the garage.