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    Okay, since its better to do a real write-up of the crash and let others learn from my mistake, here it is:

    Saturday was an interesting day for me. Nick, 1ce, Tanman and I went for a ride on the Lowman loop and then I lowsided on my favorite road.
    I'm actually quite fortunate that it was just a low-side instead of a low-side followed by a long tumble (see diagram). Unfortunately, I slid under a tree which snapped the inlet portion of my exhaust pipe so I rode home with a GP exhuast (read 'straight out the midpipe').

    My official crash explanation:
    I was doing about 50 mph or so around a corner with my knee on the ground. This was a road I typically blast over and yet have never had my knee down in more than two places (this wasn't one of them) which is a good indicator that I was going too fast for conditions.
    I was almost through the curve but it tightens up a bit at the end and I ran out of road (this happens when you're going too fast).
    Rather than riding off the very steep side of a mountain, I managed to stand it up and ride along the edge of the road and scrub a little speed. Unfortunately, there was a point when I had nowhere else to go and couldn't keep the bike up any longer so I basically let it go down (which was better than hitting a boulder or going over the side).

    Injury report:
    My left hand hit either the tree that I slid under or a rock. One small spot was sore for a day and is fine now.

    Gear report:
    Some scratches on the left forearm area (I was skidding on my fore-arm and still holding the bike up a bit) and some scratches on the left shin. The only repairs will be a little water proofing on the scratches just in case.
    My helmet never hit the ground (the beauty of holding myself up on my arm) but my visor got scratched a little from the tree.
    Boots and gloves are great though the left boot is a bit dusty.

    Bike report:
    Left fairing is rashed and has a crack. This fairing already had a crack so I truely don't care.
    Stator cover is slightly rashed but I've already sanded and painted it.
    Tail fairing cracked and the end broke off (only annoys me because its the second one this summer!!)
    Swingarm has some gravel scratches but nothing that even consitutes a scrape.
    Pipe is broken from hitting the tree I slid under. JB Weld will fix it until I can find a good deal on a replacement.

    I rode it home with absolutely no mechanical issues (except the exhaust noise) and even had a good time on that portion of the ride (50 miles).

    Nick and Brian had cameras so we got pictures (though I had already picked the bike up) and Nick did an amusing (to me) diagram.
  2. Hey, thanks for posting this. I was wondering what happened and I'm glad you weren't seriously injured because it could have easily been way worse on that road. But you know that.

    It could have happened to any of us and to a lot of us it has. A guy in our group ran wide and low sided on some pine needles over in Oregon last weekend. He walked away but his gear took a beating.

    Take care out there guys.


  3. Hoz it looks like it could have been alot worse than it was glad your ok. We still riding on sat.
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    I'm still planning to ride. Considering that I wrecked on Saturday and plan to be on the road (probably the same route too) this weekend means that anyone else who backs out is a complete pansy!!
  5. How do you like my flowery dress and bonnet? :smurfet
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    The Saturday ride won't even be October yet and you aren't going to go? :lame:
  7. :devil1:Like U2 said it "with or without u" im riding. Store is covered have gas ha and im in. :slap2:
  8. I have lots of work to do on my house before I leave.