The back side is opening up!

Discussion in 'Trail Time' started by John, Apr 5, 2013.

  1. So, you are saying I should wait a bit before taking my BMW 1200 GSA down Dagget Creek again?
  2. Nah....if you go just let us know so we can have a camera set up.... LOL!

  3. You are right. Next time I'm taking my GoPro. Woulda had some great footage from the last time.
  4. Nah, it's good! Which way did you go out? That's a bunch of bike for Daggett. Saw a group on big bikes in at the cabin a couple years ago that had a rider say he had done it on his. One of them had a little trouble getting out to the ridge.
  5. That was us! Nice to know you are on here. I wish I had my GoPro on that day just to get the look on your face when I pulled up! LOL! Greg needed some help with those ruts getting out of the creek and the hairpin towards the top. Other than that, he survived (ish)
  6. Ha! Small world, even smaller up there. When you dropped it did you go out Gardiner or down to CC/RC?
  7. The downed tree stopped our progress, had to turn around and come out the ridge.
  8. We've been lucky so far, the only downed stuff we found we were able to push out of the way. Would really be something if I didn't have to strap on the chainsaw this season. Only trail we haven't hit yet is Gardiner...we'll see!

    Have you ever done the loop on the BMW? Seems to me the climb out of the Kennedy sawmill site would be TOUGH! The one from the T up (we call it Baracuda because of the old car about half way up) probably would be a chore on a bike that big too. I used to do it on "The Couch" (my old XT 600) but it was a lot like WORK
  9. Its not the correct tool for that job. If you are talking about the trail that I think you are, I don't think there is enough traction to get a 500lb bike up that without a winch. Its a days work doing it on a 250, much less a 1200. :) But the fact that so much of the trail system and the jeep trails are accessible just warms my heart. I'm looking forward to exploring more this year.
  10. You and me both! We're out every Sunday after sled season. BMW's welcome!
  11. GREAT rip today! Could rip right over the drifts, thanks to it freezing every night. Doubt Gardiner is doable but everything else is pretty much open, if you don't mind a little snow/ice. Giddy up! Sunday, Capri resturant at 7ish, ramp soon after.
  12. Have you been through Humpty yet?
  13. Several times.
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    Is it just me or does everyone else look at the title of the thread and misread it as "my backside is opening up?" FML
  15. Judging by your avatar picture, this is not unexpected. ;)
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  17. Female mentions a backside and you show up, also not unexpected.;)
  18. Judging by your lengthy answer, I'd say it's open and rideable?
  19. 10-4

    Everything but Gardiner. Pay attention man!
  20. Don't know where Gardiner is in relation to Humpty, but thanks just the same.
    I'll be hitting it soon.