The AMA heats up!

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  1. How lucky could we be to be going to MMP to watch AMA in the middle of a fantastic season and a very interesting spot in the championship points race? Im sure you all know the details 21 point gap between the two suzuki teammates, The veteran reigning champ finally looks like he is back on championship pace(now if he could just get off the starting block!)and ready to collect a 7th title!
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    It is indeed going to be a damn exciting set of races next weekend.
    I watched race 2 last night and was pretty impressed with how tight its gonna be.

    I'll be pulling for old man, Duhamel though.

  3. I hope duhamel does not lose power with the finish line in front of him agian. But I think Mladin will take it and then i think he should beat that duche back spies with it.
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    Lets not rule out Bostrom on the podium, either. He was fastest in testing at MMP last week.
    Hayden & the Kawasaki are getting better all of the time too. I don't expect to see green on the podium but perhaps a top 5 finish.
  5. Motogp yesturday had me pretty excited yesturday.
  6. Is it just me that cant edit my posts?

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  8. i have not tried to modify a post spelling has never bean my forte so who knows