Suzuki Riders: Need a TRE?

Discussion in 'Mechanical & Technical' started by Tanman, Sep 11, 2006.

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    For all those GSXR, VSTROM, SV1000, Boulevard M109 and Quad Racers you may or may not know that Suzuki has retarded the first few gears or your bike so that you don't have all the power in the lower gears. I work with a guy named JeffW from that makes a simple plug-and-play gadget to over ride the retardation. This is the same guy that sells the TRE's in the store. If you're interested in getting one let me know and I can get it to you with no shipping. This is a must have mod if you do wheelies or want the extra horses released when hitting the twisties. I attached a picture of the switched TRE that I have on my bike.

  2. I'd be all over that Brian... but I don't want to give up my gear indicator. The gear indicator is one of those things I never thought I needed (like a slipper clutch), but now that I have one, I don't want to give it up.

    There's no mechanical way the TRE will work without making the bike think its in 5th gear right? Or have you smarty techno geeks figured out a way ;D
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    Currently no TRE available for the SV650, only the 1000.
    Nick, you are correct unless you buy an additional gear indicator display. I've seen them out there somewhere called an ATRE I believe. The reason I got a switchable TRE is so that I can still have my gear indicator working when I have the TRE turned off. When I'm ready to hit it hard I just flip the switch on.
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    You hit it hard? WHEN!!! :bs:
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    Oh, I feel a smite headed your way buddy. Oh dang, I still have 50 smites on me from yesterday. Where's the love? :knockout:
  6. ??? TRE?? :dunno:
    Ive actually never heard of this. Would it void the warrenty? Is it "bad" to the bike? How does it work? Whats the pricing on it?
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    It doesn't void the warranty (to my knowledge), it's not bad for the bike and there are several prices depending on what you want($35-$45). There is no splicing of wires either. Go to for more details but here is a blub from the site:

    Product Description:

    Suzuki manufactures motorcycles with a different ignition map for each gear. In the lower gears (one-four), the ignition timing is retarded. The JSD sends a fixed signal for fifth gear to the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) which eliminates the ignition timing retard and enables a more responsive throttle and faster acceleration in the lower gears.

    No manual switching!
    Automates a more responsive throttle and faster acceleration in the lower gears!
    Preserves the neutral gear for a smoother idle!
  8. Kwood... goto and look at the tip and tricks section for a free tre mod :dblthumb: