Surprise ride to Emmett and Horseshoe Bend

Discussion in 'Rides' started by Hozhead, Mar 16, 2006.

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    Not that anyone will check this in time but, GR8Dane and I are gonna head to Emmett and then Idaho City at 4:30pm today. I've been working on a program all day and am mentally stuck so its time for a little stress relief. :devil:
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    We're back!
    No wrecks, tickets, or other incidents. Just a nice ride at dusk. I'm sure we went too fast for the drivers out there but we really kept to 70% which seemed prudent for the first ride of the season on roads with a bit of dirt on them.
    I went in full leathers and race boots tonight to get used to it before my track days in April and May. The leathers were actually quite comfortable though they took about a half hour to get used to. There are two spots on the collar where my neck gets scratched up so I'll have to wear down those hard spots in the fabric before the next ride.
    I'm pretty sure people were staring since you don't typically see anyone in leathers riding around town. On the highway, I felt safe and comfortable at the same time so that's what counts. Shifting in the boots is getting better too.

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    For those who are new to Idaho or just don't live around this area, here is a map of the Emmett - Horseshoe Bend loop. Its got enough curves and altitude changes to be fun but its mild enough that newbs do just fine and you're not constantly worried about a bit of sand on the road ruining your whole day.