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  1. Finished the air mod today. Completely skeletonized the air box to utilize the mounting points and fit the big ass filter. Used a reciprocating saw to remove the bulk then a 1" belt sander to form and remove more. Removed the tangs on the white plastics and she is getting sweet! Probably dropped two pounds.
    Was still rich with that 170 but better so after a ride I went down to 165 jet which is what I should have done in the first place. It's running great now and a few times today I shifted in a wheelie from first through 4th and was able to work the balance point a bit.
    So nice to be getting over the fear of popping it straight up.
    I even got flipped off today on a random side road by an elderly fella.
    Fun times!
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  2. @Indy450
    Yes I sold a Triumph Daytona last year due to being pulled over and asked if I'd like to go to jail. Luckily he was a starts instructor. We bs'd about motorcycles for a bit. He then told me he'd let me go but if he hears of me getting pulled over again I get that ticket, this ticket, bike impounded and go to jail. A fella just can't ride a wheelie in town anymore these days.
    On the way home I told myself I'm 37 I think I'll just sell this thing. But now I kind of want one again. OH THE HUMANITY!!!

  3. Oh yeah, I stay away from traffic. Too many of those stories.
    Been dreaming of riding track, but the cost is a little out of my range right now.
    My Wr450 needs some work but I'll be riding in a couple weeks. Definitly needs a rejet first. I've just been working too much to bother with it lately.

  4. There's suposed to be a Supermoto/dual sport meetup tomorrow.

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