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  1. yes. anytime I get my hands on one!

    Used to ride a Suzuki DRZ400SM for about a year. Too much fun.

  2. I'm looking for people to ride with. Can't really keep up with the sportbikes
  3. I also ride a Dr650 which I'm fairly sufficient with on the streets. Post up a ride sometime. Bogus Basin is a good ride. Do you ride any dirt/gravel roads with your SM?
  4. I ride everywhere on my ktm. Street. Dirt. Makes no difference to me.
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  6. It's just going through a rough time in its life.... midlife crisis if u will :p
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  7. Yeah I do. I know it's been a while since anime posted here but I just moved to Boise and trying to meet new riders. I've got a duke
  8. Hey all. Just bought a 08 WR250X. Have lots of street experience and looking for others to explore with as I learn the dirt side of things.
  9. Hey just moved here from Indiana. Wr450f supermoto. Just getting into trail riding and looking for some people to ride with. (I know, this post is old but oh well.)
  10. I am still here. Just busy with 55 hour weeks and other. Always looking for others to ride with. I have dirt tires for my bike as well. I was able to get into the dirt 2 weeks ago with a co worker and loved it. Looking for more from both personalities of this bike.
  11. I know how that goes. I just changed jobs and finally have time to ride! I have yet to put the dirt wheels back on since moving here.
  12. Burp
    I just bought a KLX450R Supermoto. Came with dirt wheels n tires too but its built so nice I'm not sure I'll use them. I have a KTM for that anyways.
    Fun times
  13. Check out if you have Facebook 208 supermoto. Its a small group but it is growing! I am going to launch a site here soon to organise meets and rides. Will update progress on the Facebook group. So far it's a cool spot to postphotos of your rides!
  14. I'm that one guy who doesn't do Facebook and never will.
    I don't care what your cat is doing or what you ate for lunch, HA!
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  16. You picked a good winter for this project as you have a lot of time........:eek:
    Good looking SM. Too much fun. Good luck keeping your license. ;)
  17. That's one of the scary parts. I drive truck and own my own hauling business so a clean driving record is is a must.
    So parking lot shinanigans should be where all the fun takes place.
    But we all know it's virtually impossible to not play on the streets.
    Might take it to Vegas this spring to check out the crazys "kill the streets".
    Need to make a spring loaded license plate...
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  18. Next phase. Completely open air mod with a k&n. Trying to run a 170 jet. Think this mod will make that possible. Runs a hair rich with the 170. Just got to figure where I'm going to mount everything. Going to butcher the air box for mounting pieces. This'll be a pavement only bike after this for sure. So far so good!
    Seen a couple supermotos around town. Probably on Facebook which I refuse to ever sign up for.
    Fun times!
  19. I'm in the same boat, Class A cdl. That's why I sold my sport bike. Supermoto isn't much better though.
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