Sunday's Dual-sport ride

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  1. Fabulous weather for a ride! Here are some pics from our all-day trip riding out of town and up to HS bend, Banks, Crouch, Packer John LO, lunch at Cougar Mnt. and back through the incredibly green Long Valley.
    Happy Memorial day

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  2. A few more pics.

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  3. Another great ride:dblthumb:

    Wow, the weather was perfect

    Once again it was great riding with you guys:dblthumb:

    I capped out at 192 miles for the day by the time I made it back home:fiddy:.

    Mike, my bike was upset that you were teasing it because it did not have the magic button:naughty. Now I am going to have to go through some evening counseling sessions. You did notice that it did start on the first kick though.

    I will try to post some pix soon.

    Look forward to the next ride.

  4. Sunday ride

    That was a great ride! Great weather, and it was good to see so much green in the hills. And as it turns out, bears do shit in the woods! Here are a few pics:


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  5. I had 167 miles.....not even close to running out of gas and the tires still held air. \\// That was one of the best rides I have been on in ......a really long time. Perfect weather, incredible scenery and no injuries or breakdowns. :woohoo:

    The "king of Baja" needs to have its jester provide therapy in 12 ounce increments. I have a feeling that is exactly what happened and it is now ready for the next ride.

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  6. Dang that looked like a ride my heavy KLR could make. Got a map of the way ya went? Thinking Deadwood or Trinity lakes next.
    Instead ol Bimbim and I went to Sagehen.
    Here he is getting his hippy therapy in (rolls eyes)
  7. I am the horse whisperer...