Sunday the 13th Ride

Discussion in 'Rides' started by 1ce, Aug 12, 2006.

  1. Well, my girl babycakes informed me that there are some people that she knows riding to Idaho City possiby farther Sunday. So we're going to meet up with them and your all welcome to come along. I think shes met one of the personally but as far as i know they're off of myspace lol.

    We meeting at the cheveron off the freeway up by gowen (outlook mall) at 10am. Sounds like theres going to be 6 of them (keeps going up and down) and some of us from ISB too. Everyones welcome to join.
  2. I'll see you there 1ce. I'll probably just go to Idaho City then back. We'll see though.

  3. Hozhead

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    I'd love to join in but I've got a pretty busy Sunday and am still on call at work for a few more days. I'll sure be glad when I'm not tethered to cell phone towers and my office (and by office I mean cubicle)!

    Thanks for posting this up though. We need to be better about posting up rides even when not too many people can go because everyone's scedule is different and its nice to at least get a couple people together.
  4. Good Ride

    Ya it was a good ride. Think we got some more people to join the site and no one wrecked. Couldn't get the damn camera to record tho. I got like 5 mins of video and thats its. I did get some pixs and they turned out good. I'll post them up here and on the gallery in a little bit.

    I'm still thinking about the ride at 530 but dunno yet.

    Nick! did u make it back alright?
  5. Re: Good Ride

    Yeah, I got stuck behind a couple cars. Its all good. I had a good time. I don't know about 5:30. We'll see. I think I might end up going though.