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  1. I would like to suggest that we on this board use the saying (a johnwoo) for anything stupid or ignorant that is happening. For inbstane: If I were to fill my gas tank full of diesel fuel at gas station I would the have pulled a johnwoo. Definition breaking the stupiud barreier!!
  2. oh stop johnwooing the forums.

  3. :laughing: building them post points
  4. I am going to second that motion. :eek:wned: :eek:wned: now if only you could put jonwoo in that banner
  5. I guess that makes it a new man law Jonwoo now stands for every everything ignorant and assanine in the world!! Congrats Jonwoo :finger:
  6. Your spelling skills are very johnwoo.
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    Now THAT's funny. :eek:wned: