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Discussion in 'Stunting' started by 1ce, Sep 1, 2006.

  1. 1ce....whos that? Ya its been awhile but i'm still here and alive. Unforunitly not able to make it to the track :banghead:...For those of us stayin here, we're going to be practicing some wheelies and what ever you feel like. Im thinking Sunday sometime. Doesn't really matter to me. Post up whens a good time for you and we'll make something work.

    --Also, i'm be going to the BBQ--
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    I've gotta (get to) hit the road on Sunday for Monday's track day. I'd love to practice a bit next week though, its a lot of fun even though it shows how much of a newb I am. I still haven't seen Nick in action so I'm hoping he can join as well.

  3. Let me know when, I'll do some stand ups with you.
  4. I might Be able to fit it in my Schedule I definitely need all the Practice I can Get
  5. 1ce- Sunday wouldn't be that great for me. Maybe sometime monday? I'm going Dove hunting on Sunday at 4. I'd have a little bit of free time but only from 1-3pm on Sunday. What's everybody thinking?

    I'd like to see Bungee's turbo Gixxer to a couple of standups!
  6. I can go from 1-3 on Sunday but I am going to have to ride the 06. The turbo bike in a stand up, I too would like to see that but not with me on it! I will have the turbo bike down on 8th street tonite around 11:00. It would be nice to see alot of the street bikes down there tonite.
  7. Ok, let's meet at 1pm somewhere (preferably a gas station). It sounds like Bungee and maybe KWood would join us. I've got a friend that wants to come too.

    1ce- did we want to use your secret location** again or do you want to go another place?

    ** Since this is a public forum, we won't reveal riding location for obvious purposes. :beehive: :police:
  8. One of the best places to go is the end of a road like *&%$#, It is a very common place for stunters to go, you don't bother anyone and it is very desolate. We could meet at the gas station on Overland and cloverdale. I have a few people that will probably join also. Let me know where you guys want to meet, I'll ride anywhere.
  9. Yeah, one of the biggest things behind a location is the whole "are we pissing anybody off??" I'd be down for meeting at Overland and Cloverdale at 1. I can stay later too since hunting was canceled.

    So its official then. Overland and Cloverdale at 1pm. Post up if you have issues with that, we'll see you guys tomorrow.
  10. I called and confirmed w/ 1ce and he's in.
    Here's what we're looking at:
    KWood (Possibly?)

    I've got a few friends coming along, and bungee may have some as well.
    I think we all have a common idea that wheelies are best done out of sight. I don't bust stand ups down Eagle Rd just the same as I don't try to get knee down around freeway off ramps or hit triple digits on Cole Rd. Of course... we all have our squidly moments ;D
    I'm looking forward to it! We'll see you guys tomorrow at 1pm!
  11. We had a good turn out, lots of fun and everyone was able to still ride home. We should try for another ride/stunt session again soon. Here are some pics from todays activities. :dblthumb:
  12. Thanks for the pics Bungee. My wheelies were :bs: today, but Bungee... holy crap!
    I need to get my form back, I was wobbly once I was up near the BP if I was standing up, sitting down I was alright. I did shift from 1st to 2nd then into 3rd on one... but that was my only good one of the day it seemed. Oh well... time to stop making excuses and start riding them a little better.

    I'm giving Bungee a +2 because 1, his standups make mine look like crap, and 2, that location was perfect.
  13. Ya it was good to get some more practice in. I was able to tell that i'm slowly getting better at wheelies but not even close to Nicks and Bungees.

    And if those of you that weren't there are wondering why im tailing nick and bungee, its cuz i was filming them with my tankcam.

    I'll b postin up the ID city ride that we did a little while ago and some clips of us today later this week.
  14. OOHHH Wish I could Of Went. I Just Got Back From a Family BBQ and I already got to do My thing the Day Before.All Is Good I doubt i would even get my front tire of the Ground.Theres always Tomorrow
  15. I'm not a vain man by any means. But I appear to be slightly cross eyed in the picture 1ce posted up.

    ... note to self, close visor next time, there's a reason you bought a mirrored one dumbass.

    (Yes, I was just talking to myself there)
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    Were you guys clutching those wheelies up or powering them up? Just curious.
  17. I was doing both, I'm better at powering them up. I think Bungee was powering them too. If I clutch them from a normal speed, it feels like I run out of a lot of room quickly, but if I clutch them from a slower speed, I'm wobbly and 99% of the time drift to the right.
  18. When is the next get together. Maybe I can learn few tips from you guys.
  19. Dunno when the next wheelie ride is yet, but i'm guessing some time soon due to the weather. But I did manage to get my avatar working :dblthumb:

    I also got done with this video of us doing some wheelies and if i can say; it turned out pretty good for only spending 2 hours on it. Got lazy tho and didnt add in the motorcycle engine sounds except for race. Ill post up the link later tonight.