Stayin in town this weekend? Hit bogus with us...

Discussion in 'Rides' started by 1ce, Jun 15, 2006.

  1. Just wanted to throw out a thread to anyone whos stayin here this weekend, that me and some buddys are gonna hit bogus. I just got myself a new motorcycle...details will be posted later but i'm gonna be hitting bogus fri,sat, and sunday. dunno what time of day but anyone that wants to join should let us know.
  2. I'd love to go riding guys... but my motor has been delayed again.... details about the 06 R6 with 1500 miles & no working motor are on my site.

  3. I could do Friday. Let me know. Congratulations on your new bike. Post some pics soon.
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    Give us the bike details NOW!!!
  5. I'll be up there parking my bike in the corners this weekend too. Make sure to wave at me as you pass by.
  6. Cider, y not just met up wit us?

    As for the details, im gonna wash her and take some pixs then post in about 30 mins to an hour...i think u can wait.
    Hint* she left carls cycle friday (June 9) my bday present to myself!
  7. give us the details :smilieRR: but no :bsflag: Hey let us know how the road is too.
  8. make sure you ride up it slow once to make sure it has been cleaned, Bwip or some one just wreak there bike a few weeks back on BBR.
  9. Ya, i went for the first time on my new bike to bogus last sunday and it wasnt too bad. The top was still to0 sandy to do anything but the other 3/4s was fine. Dunno how it is now that it just rained but will definately take it slow. and i lied bout the pixs...wont be till l8r 2nite when i post them.
  10. Take it easy up there guys... fun road but be carefull. Lots of bikes, sand, etc.. just cause the rest of the corners have been good doesnt mean the next one will be.
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    I never go to the top even in August just because there is always sand there. Just ride about 3/4 the way there and you'll be fine. It doesn't take long so run it twice.
  12. I can go Friday night or Sunday... I've got a wedding to go to Saturday.
  13. I will go friday night since nobody sounds like they are into going to the motor cycle drag races
  14. Did you get that totally sweet Honda Ruckus?? :laughing:

    On a serious note: I'm off of work Friday at 4pm... my new exhaust should be in too. Let me know what time you all are going or where you're meeting.
  15. Alright, just got the pixs on the computer and here is one of them for now....

    As for tomorrow (friday), lets do an evening ride, sounds like around 5 or 6ish sounds good to everyone let me know which would be better and a easy place to meet, like at the jackson at the bottom of bogus rd.

    Specs on my new bike...
    2006 Suzuki GSX-R 750 (currently 650 miles put on her)
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    1st) I wanna see pics of that in the bike pics section
    2nd) DAMN NICE, Kevin!!
    3rd) Why is EVERYONE buying a new GSXR this year?
    4th) Where's the money for ME to get a new GSXR 750?
  17. hey what time and where and can i bring my girl ? boone 703-3352
  18. Nice, Nice and oh damn.
  19. Alright, lets do the jackson (shell) gas station at the bottom of bogus rd. at 5:30. If u dnt know where thats at or that time doesnt work for you let me know. Cell # at bottom

    As for bringing your girl...guess its up to you, they always seem to slow me down but, my girls naggin on me to go too. I'm gonna try and go solo first then maybe head up later or the next day with her. Again its up to u.