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  1. I was talkin to a friend and there is the stars riding class and the Advanced, From what I understand form my insurance company its $50 for the advanced and will save me $ 110+ a month on insurance. Thats alot, drop of $100+. We just need to get a few of us really interested and set they need more than one person and I like saving money. And from what I hear the class is cake, its most of the tools we use everyday anyways. Let me know.
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    I'll see if I can get more info for you on the advanced class. I work with two Star instructors.

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    There's some info on the STARS course in the NOOBS section (I believe it is stickied).

    You're lucky that your insurance actually cares. I took the STARS course last summer and it didn't effect my insurance at all. Of course, I've got liability on an '02 600 so it isn't terrible anyway.
  4. Im talking about the advanced class not the reg stars. The advanced is what the insurance cares about. The only thing is unlike the reg class, you have to get a group together from what i have been told.
  5. I took the Stars Advanced Rider course 5 years ago when I got my first bike. Its actually helpful, especially to new riders who've "ridden in the dirt __+ years." I'd been riding dirt bikes my whole life, so I thought it'd be pretty easy to pick up. I mainly went through the course to get my endorsement since I was 18 at the time. Looking back, even though I enrolled for the endorsement purpose only, it was probably the only wise decision I made in my early street biking years.
  6. I did it last spring--it was fun. At the time they had regularly scheduled courses just like the beginner class.
  7. I'm in for the group thing .

    Could only help.... ;D
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    The course outline for the Advanced Star class will be completely different for 2007 as they will use some group out in Oregon to set up the new class and ride structure. The course they use right now will be completely changed starting in January.
  9. k i took the begginer class this year, they asked me to become an instructor, and i can get an instructor out here to teach the class when you get enough peeps together, i think we need around 6-8 at least for them to do it. think its $50 plus you HAVE to have your own bike. for most of us its just a refresher type thing, yes stuff you use every day. along with some advanced type manouvers (sp?). if you can get the gang together to do it i will make the call and arrange the whole class. pm me when you have the crew.
  10. k its $40 bucks, neeed at least 6 up to 12 to do it, depends on if you want a fully private ( just us brn guys or others who would register through the web site) my friend chantell, the instructor, is hookin the class up. the available times would be any weekend day. 8-6 would be the time reqired. any day besides oct 28. it would be at capital high. need to get the list within a 2 week notice if we can. if we have around 6 then it would be open to the public, 12 would be completely private. the advanced involves traction stuff, cornering, skid controll, and swerving. all on our own bikes so it makes it a little more relavant than the begginer class where you ride 250 cc or less cruisers and dirt bikes. Chantell rides a zx6r so it sounds like it would be a fun sport bike class if we get enough guys. let me know asap when yo want to do it and i will have everything arranged. glad to help
  11. Can I get in? I would like to take the advanced class if you are looking to get a group together.
  12. I would be interested in the advance course.. +1 Let me know!
  13. I concur! I'd like to get involved with an advance class
  14. add your name in the general section, there is a list started there, name and number so i can contact you