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  1. i have a hook up with an instructor and there has been some intrest by some of you to get in on this. it will cost 40$ and will be one weekend day from 8-6. i need at least 5 to get a class going and up to 12 would be premium. you HAVE to have your own bike or at least barrow one for the day and it would be prefered that you have some street time. you DONT have to have an endorsement to take the class, if fact you can get it through this if you have a permitt. (under 21 crew). sign up here. by putting you name and phone number on this topic, you are promising to show up at least and pay for the class. im putting my name on the line for this so i need only those serious to sign up. when i have enough names i will call you to see what wekend day would be best for everyone and go from there. any questions call jake at 440 2680.

    im in the class for sure, next name please.
    name and best number to reach you at.
  2. Sounds good Im in
    Jasen 573-7199 (Yokom)

  3. Im in +1 But I get forced :thumbdown: to work some weekends so i would need an exact date and time to confirm i would have it off..
    P.S i would be coming from Twin Falls...

    Elijah 404-6518 (**Rookie**)
  4. I'd be interested also. But... I would need a more specific date because I do also have to work weekends sometimes AND... I need to get some new tires prior to another ride to boise.

    Ryan "Hoard" - 208-431-7926
  5. I'm in but refuse to post my number...

    PM or post here with the details
  6. I'm in as well. I can be there with enough notice.
    Sean McDonald - "Rhyno"
  7. k heres the deal guys, im thinkin october 7th. this is a tentative date till i talk to chantell. 8-6 is the time. it will be at capital high in boise. post a response to the date so i know you have the notice. thaks
  8. I think I could work with that. I ordered some new tires as of yesterday so getting to boise... as long as I don't freeze my ass off... will be fine.
  9. k heres the deal we need to get 400 together to get a private class, so ten guys is 40 a peice, and cheaper if we get more. thats the rate for a private class anyways. the cap is for sure 12 riders. right now including the guys that have said yes up there we have 11 guys. i will be calling tomorrow afternoon to confirm my list. i will be getting registration forms together and will need these filled out and turned into me along with your money befor conifirming a date. looks like if we can do it soon enough it would be the 7th of october, if not then it would be the 21st. i will check back here around 11 tonight when i get off work. questions????? call me at 440 2680 or at work (chuck a rama) at 327 4800. calling at work- ask for jake.(duh) thanks
  10. Advanced course will get you your license too, if you already have a permit :dblthumb:
  11. Anything going on with this???