Sport Touring Ride - North of 55 - WHEN?

Discussion in 'Rides' started by Hozhead, Jul 4, 2006.

What date should we do a ride north on 55 to Cascade/Donnely/McCall?

  1. July 29th - 30th

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  2. Aug 19th - 20th

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  3. Aug 25th - 26th

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  4. Later than That

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  1. Hozhead

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    I'd like to put together a scenic ride north on Highway 55 to Cascade / Donnely / McCall (the final destination isn't set yet - we'll need XLR8's input for that).

    I've listed a couple weekends in the poll that are far enough out for people to make plans (I also excluded weekend where I'm on call at work and can't go!). We could do a ride up and back in one day or we could get a place to crash and make it a two day ride. This wouldn't be a high speed ride, it would be a scenic ride with some fun riding.

    Anyway, let me know what you think and when you could go.
  2. What? Huh? I just found this post. But I've been out riding. Doesn't look like there's a whole lot of interest in a ride with "touring" in the subject. ;D

    But you guys might be surpised at how much fun you can have doing the sport-touring thing. And I know a lot of so called sport-tourers who could hand us our asses on a plate. OK, I'll speak for myself, they could hand me my ass on a plate. I'm slow.

    Seriously, it can be fun and you can still ride a brisk pace. There's only so fast we can go without creaming a deer or getting arrested anyway. Sport-Touring is more a mindset than anything. It's not a task. It's not about getting out and back by a certain time. It's about taking a little more time, leaving a little more margin for error, experiencing more of the land and people that you ride through and not getting as many tickets! ;D

    Damn guys I freakin swear, I was at the Chevron in Stanley last year and this dude pulls up on a freaking trick Ducati. It was probably a 30K bike. He pulls off his helmet and he's like 60 and looks exaclty freakin like Robert Duvall. He says he outran the Sheriff coming out of Ketchum so don't head over that way for a while. We chatted for about 30 minutes about riding and bikes and stuff and I didn't have the balls to ask him if he was actually Robert Duvall. Anyway, that there is Sport-Touring. :)

    Those dates are a little far off for me as I am generally more spontaneous with my rides but it's not looking like there's much interest anyway. Maybe the dates are far out for people.


  3. I would like to go on one to McCall. leave in the morning ride up have lunch ect ect. then ride back. I will have to look at my classes, I only have 2 more weeks then I am out for like 4 weeks until my next class starts.