Spies or Mladin?

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  1. Is it over for Mat? Is Ben really that fast? Are we going to see any other manufacturerers get into the top two spots? When is Yates going to learn a little bit of control and finish out the podium for Suzuki? AMA got exciting there for a secound when someone showed they could beat Mat, But now we have another totaly dominant winner on the blue and white and next season when the plate changes from 11 to 1 will you even be able to tell there was a change? If you have watched even one of the last 6 races you have pretty much seen them all except what has happened back in the middle of pack.
  2. Even if AMA superbike is a bore, at least there is a new leader. Unlike Mladin, maybe Spies will move on to new challenges like World Superbike or MotoGP, in which case I'll have another American to root for.

    I'm not a Yates fan, so I don't have much sympathy for him. What I would like to see is Hodgson and Mladin mix it up, and Hayden on the podium.

  3. Spies will definently move on pretty soon, He is young and will continue to get better. I think Mladin knew that going to MotoGP would make him just middle of the the pack and thats why he stayed in AMA for so many years! Spies will struggle in MotoGP just as Hayden did but I think he perhaps after several seasons he will enjoy more success than Nicky has !
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    I think Spies will move on to MotoGP at some point but I think he'll hang in the AMA for another two years.
    I don't watch much WSB so I can't tell you if the action is worth it for Spies or not.

    Yates isn't my guy and never will be so I'm not too conserned with him. It would be cool to see a Hayden on the podium this season both to mix things up a bit and to illustrate the serious progress that Kawasaki has made lately.

    I still want to see Miguel win one this season. He's certainly entitled to retirement any day now but he's a consistent rider who's got good personality and, while concerned with winning, he doesn't typically pull stupid and dangerous moves out there.
  5. WSB is much more exciting than AMA superbike. Plus, Ducati is doing well in WSB (at least Bayliss is). :dblthumb:

    BTW, I went to Cheerleaders in Eagle for breakfast on Sunday, and they were showing the GP250 race on the large screen TV. All of the tables have small flat-screen TVs too. For those of you without the Speed Channel, you could get your fix there.
  6. I dont think Hayden and the Kawi team have come along near enough. I have yet to see them be able to string together more than 6 or 8 fast laps. What is wrong with the Kawi that it fades so bad? Makes no sense, and you cant really attribute it to rider because there is no doubt all the Hayden brothers have the god given talent, Its there attitudes that seem to hold them back.
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    Maybe the torque curve on the Kawi isn't real smooth and it eats through the tires.
    Just a random theory I pulled out of my butt.

    As for the Hayden attitude, Nicky is the only one I've seen enough to dislike.
  8. I havent heard any complaints about abnormal tire wear they just keek talking about how the bike is bad early better middle, and then fades toward the end of the races.
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    So it looks like Mladin may have figured something out and is only down 21 points on Spies. Can he keep it up and take over? Doubt it cuz Spies is just too good even with Mldain and his new engine. It would great to have the final race determine the championship. Rumors are that Spies will go to Jordan Suzuki next year.
  10. Mladin > spies!
  11. I hope spies stays were he is at for two more seasons then goes to motogp on a suzuki
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    I can't say I'd make that move in a hundred years. Yosh-Suzuki has the $$ to make it worth his while and can provide him with the best equipment.

    The Jordan team is developing quickly and its good to watch a semi-privateer group do so well but I can't see them with someone of Spies' caliber.
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    Spies can go to MotoGP on a Suzuki any time he wants. Sure, its easier to ride to the race in the US (Laguna Seca is coming up) but he's probably got the $ and connections to get a Suzuki in Europe and ride it to the races.
    I bet they'd even let him take a Suzuki on the paddock as a pit bike while he's watching the race. :rofl:
  14. Im starting to not like you :finger: